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As you might notice, the site is currently only available in read-only mode, and new user accounts cannot be created. This is in preparation for a move to a new platform.

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As it states in the green text on top (which no-one ever reads, apparently), the Argent Archives are currently read-only, as we prepare and work on moving the site.

So if you wonder "where is my edit button" or "hm, I wonder why I cannot create a new account at the moment", that is the reason.

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Guild Spotlight! Spotlight Four: The Ravenwing

Every now and then, classified reports are delivered to the Alliance Command. Shrouded runners without any crest or means of identification rush in and out. What is the truth about these men and women referred to as "the Ravens" operating under our banner?  Read the article and find out!

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Guild Spotlight! Spotlight Three: Blackwind Marine Platoon

A look into the Blackwind Marine Platoon! Who are they and why should you join them? There is only one way to find out - read the article!

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Guild Spotlight! Spotlight Two: Baradin Wardens

A look into the Baradin Wardens! Who are they and why should you join them? There's only one way to find out - read the article!

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