The Kirin Dal

Founding date May 2nd - 2008
Goal Defending Dalaran against outside threats, training mages in battle magic, securing eldritch artefacts and safeguarding the arcane traditions of the Kirin Tor.
Main area of operations Dalaran and the continent of Lordaeron.
Faction Alliance
Opposite faction attitude Alert of Hellscream's Horde.
Friends/Allies Some here and there.
Rivals/Enemies The Burning Legion. The Twillight Hammer. Rogue spellcasters.
Guild status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s) Archmage Valven Fireseal, Councillor Valadir Aichryn, and Councillor Gnorbert Manacog.



2700 years ago, after the epic troll wars, a few humans now found themselves in possession of the Arts. With their elven tutors, they banded together and formed the second city state after Strom - Dalaran.

They devoted their skills to collect, study and catalog every spell, artifact and phenomenons, and in that age the wealth and might of Dalaran grew. Its spires rose high to the heavens, and the Violet Citadel was built to stand as a forefront to all arcane studies. Over the many years to come, they would see to the safety of Lordaeron, develop spells into levels not seen since the Sundering, and they gave of their numbers to form the legendary, and secretive, Order of Tirisfal. In the Second War, the magical might of Dalaran was welcome on every battlefield, and they strove to prevent arguments between the Seven Kingdoms from breaking into civil war.

The Kirin Dal itself can be traced back to the years following the Third War. Despite of their officially golden motives and history of defending the Magus Senate from threats exterior as well as interior, the Kirin Dal is a name uttered in both fondness and great suspicion amongst the various citizens of the Eastern Kingdoms. Although it certainly has demonstrated its willingness to safeguard the lands against invaders, the most general distrust comes from its meddling with courts and the lives of commoners alike.

Meddlers in the affairs of kingdom, state, and security, the Kirin Dal is a more or less an autonomous group of warmages and scholars who have pledged their service to Dalaran. Before the members of the leading council, each member of the order swears their life to the realm's survival - to secure the prosperity of the Magocracy; to act as the magical sword and shield of the kingdom against nefarious necromancers and more subtle threats like scheming conspirators.

Together, these mages supplement each other in times of strife and are considered steadfast allies. The order claims to serve a major role in maintaining the traditional values of Dalaran, and strive to be exemplars of disciplined, skilled, and loyal defenders of the kingdom.

As such, most members of the Kirin Dal work proactively to seek out magical artifacts in order to secure them from hostile usage against their kingdom, rectifying the situation before greater force and attention is required. 


The Order:

Ranking system: The Kirin Dal is managed by an Archmage and his group of Councillors. These run the order on a daily basis and present tasks and research for its members. Any mage of note who has been sponsored by a fully fledged member of the Kirin Dal is made an Initiate. Following this, they will begin a trial of three weeks, in which their skills are evaluated. People seeking to gain the trust of the senior magi will be waiting here until they are found worthy, otherwise they can expect a quick goodbye.

  • These are not yet full members.
  • Their duty is to show up, listen, and understand.

Apprentice: Any mage of note who has been sponsored by a full member of the Kirin Dal is made an Apprentice. Once accepted into the order, an Apprentice is put under eight weeks of magical learning and training. This period of time is refered to as "the Arcane Way", and is carried out by an appointed master.

  • These obey their master first of all.
  • Otherwise they are still the lowest ranked.


Magus: These men and women passed their training with approval of their master and the Council, receiving the rank of Magus. When not called upon in service of Dalaran. they are free to pursue their own interests - as long as they keep an eye open to matters of import to the order and never act against the Magocracy's best interests.

  • Initiate researches - They do not require acceptance, but they will need to keep the Council informed.
  • Defend the interests of the Kirin Tor.


Wizard: Those who show greater potential and determination than an average Magus are given the rank of Wizard. These mages have attained power enough as seasoned spellcasters and can be ranked as minor officers, or lieutenants. Their primary role is the training of new Apprentices.

  • Lead their fellow members when the council isn't around.
  • Make sure the laws of Dalaran are obeyed.
  • Train the Apprentices. Wizard: The Master Wizards are senior officers who indirectly oversee the activities of the members of the order. While they may not be the most social people on Azeroth, their ranks are usually made up of those who have proven themselves invaluable to the order. There can only be a few of these

  • Initiate missions and researches. Occasionally leading expeditions and research devisions to uncover artefacts, secrets, and the like for the order.
  • Supervise other members.
  • Officer rank.


Councillor: The Council is comprised of only the most trustworthy and proven spellcasters in the order, and assignment can only be granted by the Archmage. Each member oversees and deals with their individual responsibilities, and help the Archmage in maintaining the order. For each school of the Arcane, there is a Councillor.


  • Initiate missions and researches.
  • Supervise and lead.
  • Accept or deny the councils decisions.



Serving his term for life, the Archmage of the Kirin Dal is tasked with direct control over the order. The leading member of the Council as well, he holds the highest authority and oversees the order's day-to-day operations with great care.

  • Lead and supervise the members.
  • Leading magi and highest authority.










  • All ranks from Initiate to Archmage are to step in character and try their best to serve the interest of Dalaran, and protect its honour.
  • The Kirin Dal is an order of individuals with one common goal. However, when a lower ranked is near to an officer it is required to show respect and follow orders.
  • Loyalty and discipline is repaid with generous offers and higher responsibility.




General Information:

The Kirin Dal is an order of mage fiercely loyal to the Magocracy of Dalaran. In battle they launch surgical strikes with their magic - raining lightning, frost and fire down upon any enemy of the Magocracy. However, most of the members are also known as scholars, and prefer the company of books over the hazards of a battlefield. The order does not accept rogue magisters, whose loyalties they are not entirely certain of.

Some within the order pride themselves on arrogance, something that comes with magic, yet the Kirin Dal forbid the use of demons and dark magic. The top priority of the order is to root out any threat that would fall upon Dalaran or Azeroth. However the legacy of the order is to study, catalog and collect every phenomenon, spell or artifact.

Should an individual seek entry into the Kirin Dal, he must find a suitable sponsor; there is no alternative to this procedure. First he must sacrifice a magical item carrying approved enchantments - the item can be self-made or bought from a dealer in the Arcane - acting mainly as a sign of good will towards the order. He will then be evaluated in his competence in the Arts, and the Council will decide on his suitability in becoming a fully fledged member of the order. The sponsor can be any member of the Kirin Dal who has at least reached the rank of Magus.

If the mage is successful in gaining trust, the sponsor will present him to the Council. The sponsor will then represent the mage to the audience, fully explaining his reasons to become a member of the order. The Council will question the mage, and, if they believe him of the right material, will ask him to take the Oath of the Eye. Upon swearing the oath, the mage becomes an Initiate of the Kirin Dal.

The order has also been known to host an annual Magefaire in autumn.






We'd like an IC written letter to one of the Councillors in which you ask for an interview.

OOC information:

  • A good attitude is required!
  • The realisation that magic is a powerful and dangerous tool to use. You don't just juggle a couple of fireballs with ease.
  • Applicants must be at least level 20.
  • A firm grasp of the English language - knowing how to formulate yourself through emotes and the like. Use of letters (eight, twenty-four, thirty) instead of numbers (8, 24, 30)
  • Knowledge of the lore of the Warcraft universe.

As for classes, we accept mages and warlocks - although the latter only as an OOC class.

With the Cataclysm, we allow the following races entry to the Kirin Dal: Gnomes - Humans - Dwarves - Worgen.

Whether it is simple study, potion brewing, humble scribe work or rooting out any evil that may threat the interests of Dalaran and the Alliance, the Kirin Dal secures all in between and more. If you're interested in upholding such a dutiful mantle, you should send an application by letter to any of the officers. Any application is welcome, if you feel yourself dedicated enough.









AevaliLady Aevali La'thar Fireseal.Human
AiverusAiverus CalderHuman
AldermanMarcus AldermanHuman
ArcaneiteCouncillor Arcaneite BarrowsHuman
ArdeenArdeen KeeltyHuman
ArindrasArindras AndersonHuman
ArkelusArkelus ZanusHuman
AtlanaAtlana MortisWorgen
AvilianAvilian FireweaverHuman
BridwellSam BridwellHuman
BrylornBrylorn AlsterdHuman
CaellachCaellach LassandrenHuman
CenkahCenkah BrightstaffHuman
CenwythMiss Cenwyth 'Elaine' WeatherfordHuman
DarathillDarathill GrangerHuman
DarianuthDarianuth 'Johnston' SearWorgen
DregoandDregoand FrostmooreHuman
FedeerMagus Fedeer FrostoilGnome
FikretFikret ZauberwaldHuman
FitzenFitzen ManabangGnome
FlandreNoble Evoker Crystel Flandre LightshieldBlood elf
GlenryGlenry Oswell SwiftgearGnome
GlodGlod Annethea StargizmoGnome
GnorbertGnorbert Wilfred ManacogGnome
LeikesLeikes Mech Hand The IIIGnome
LynwenLynwen "Lyn" McAthily Human
MillhouseArcanist Engineer Millhouse FrostweaverGnome
MydarelLucas KaelinHuman
MylenaMylena LerathienHuman
NayreuNayreu LockheartHuman
NissenaNissena BriarwoodHuman
RaldovJacob "Raldov" CarterHuman
RaviereAlan RaviereHuman
RimygRimyg InfiniweaveGnome
RosealíaRosealia 'Rose' La RouxHuman
RosegardenKatja RosegardenHuman
RotswoodVanessa RotswoodHuman
SethandorSethandor WinterfordHuman
SeverickSeverick DewynterHuman
TharesiaTharesia Lyanne Danu, Thar.Human
TharynTharyn GalaisHuman
ThoiburThoibur Rurin BaldrekDwarf
TilivoltTilivolt 'Smoker' EmbersparkGnome
ValadirValadir AichrynHuman
ValreinValrein Korin HighpeakHuman
ValvenArchmage Valven FiresealHuman
YelindeYelinde BlevinsHuman

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