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Adnaw da Headhuntah 

Name Adnaw
Occupation Head Huntah and Raptor Speakah
Age Young Wo'mon
Race Troll
Residence Sen'jin Village
Guild The Cult of the Raptor
Outward Appearance

Adnaw is an average looking troll woman. She is fit and well muscled, usually covered in dirt with a smattering of dried blood. She smells of leather and animal. If Adnaw is around then it is a sure thing that her orange raptor Bitey is nearby as well. Adnaw wears simple armour, but when not busy guarding or on the job as a head hunter she relaxes in the simple tribal clothes of the Darkspear.




Adnaw an Bitey

Excavation Site Boar, Burial Chamber “Adnaw”, Civilization: Troll - Approximately 1,500 years old; Age of the Great Wars.

Da Temple

Artifact R40Y: Mummy- Marked “Adnaw”

A Troll MummyThe mummy is a female of the troll species. Large false horns have been added to the burial wrappings making the body appear to have the large tusks that were common among the male of the species, this seems to be normal burial practice. The female died at middle age from truama to the chest. Like other specimens this troll exhibts the scarring of past grevious injury but was able to recover. This is a common trait in troll mummies but the reason the bodies recovered from such grevious injuries still alludes researchers to this day.



Artifact P16U: Stone Tablet A

Artifact Troll Tablet AStone Tablet A was found on the north exterior wall of the burial chamber. This tablet refers to “Loa” which from this tablet and others like it found among other ruins we can deduce were dieties worshipped by this race. The type of worship is unclear although a blood or sacrificial cult style seems likely. Also this tablet lends evidence to a close relationship between the trolls and a now extinct beast called “raptor”. Translation: He does praise loa, of the administrators of knowledge. Does praise the Raptor! King between the hanging-post trusses, Kukul'Kan large spirit and the producer. Loa create everything, loa are life, light, and blood. The blood is blessed, the raptor are blessed our brothers. May loa dedicated and its cover of the blood of the enemies their blades. Very the blood of the troll to big is!


Artifact V73X: Stone Tablet B

Artifact Troll Tablet BStone Tablet B's location is on the west interior wall of the burial chamber. This tablet is unusual as it contains a recipe for some form of brewed concotion. Most likely a sacred drink for special occassions consumed by medicine men and priests. The tablet also features the undecpherable term mojo that occassionally appears in the trollish language. Tablet B is especially unique due to the fact that it contains a recipe which seems to be an unusual find for a culture that rarely recorded even major events, therefore the signifigance of this recipe most be quite large. Translation: The <word untranslated> yield for a brew must be only made from Witchdoctors. For being consumed in vacation and festival. In a cauldron you must bubble the blood of the heroes and the mojo solid. When they have bubbled in bottom of you can remove put of the flame and to add the crushed petals of the black flowers of lotus. Left the liquid to rest itself for the spin a moon. This will create the madness of Gurubashi Mojo.


Artifact P96L: Leather Scroll

Artifact leather scrollThe leather scroll artifact was found within the wrapings of the troll mummy labelled “Adnaw”. The scroll is made from leather of some now extinct animal. The hiroglyphs are written with an ink created from charcoal. The scroll is one of the most signifigant finds of this dig site. It contains information of the City of Zul'Gurub, that until now was believed to be purely mythical. The scroll contains information about attack plans upon the walled city, thereby lending proof that this long lost city might have once existed. The term “Hakkar” has no known translation and its relevance has been lost. The scroll ends with the term Tzurkir which is believed to possibly be the name of the scribe. Translation: The month judges. The patrol bring back, heavy wait for on the doors of the city bulwark of Zul'gurub. In gold the city has two guards who are putting on every bridge. The Hakkar has the strong guards on every clergyman. The surveillances that are asserted in ten intervals small letters in the operation. The city on the hill well is strengthened and supplied. - Tzurkir


Artifact H42J: Carved Stone Ring

Trollish stone ringThe artifact was found hanging in the burial chamber. This artifact contains untranslatable carvings. The Ring is extremely unusual not for appearence but due to the odd circumstances and events that take place around it. The stone is constantly cold to the touch. The greatest oddity is that all of our navigation equipt becomes null when in the vacinty of this artifact. The compass readings are all attracted to this artifact regardless of position or radius.





Artifact B42K: “Voodoo Doll”

Voodoo DollieThis artifact was also found amid the wrappings of the mummy “Adnaw”. This artifact is what would be termed a voodoo doll, often used as a ward against enemies, or a way of inflicting loss upon an enemy. The doll was viewed as a medium. When examined this specimen holds the remains of a troll hand and a large fang from an undeterminable animal.



Other Artifacts of Interest

A carved and painted wooden mask #C70V
A decorated dark stone spear # M18R
A grisly bone decoration #R59O
A stone Snake statue engraved “Hethiss” #Q73J

For da Horde!

Friends Bitey, The Cultists, Tsathoggua
Relatives Fiancee: Tsathoggua, Her father the cooking vendor in Shadowprey Village, Blood Sister Zehnnah
Rivals/ Enemies none
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Loves Sleepin, Feeshin, Eatin, Slayin her Enemies, Raptors, The Cultists, Blood, Warm Days, the Jungle
Hates G'nomes, G'obbos, Dalaran Cheese, De'mons, Hu'mons, BloodScalp Tribe, Skullsplitter Tribe, Vilebranch Tribe, Zombis
Motivation To spread the word of Kukul'Kan, To see the restoration of the Troll Empire, to appease the loa, To avoid getting married as long as possible to Tsathoggua.
Quotes "Mons only be tinkin bout bellies, fillin dems own wit food and fillin da wo'mons wit da babes!"

Adnaw's Adventures

Adnaw's Adventures

Adnaw's Gallery

Adnaw's Gallery