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Star Stone Siezed


A perilous expedition to the far north leads to blood in the snow, as forces clash over the reported "sky stone."  Surviving witnesses speak to the Argent Post.

Pirates threaten Northwatch Hold


Unrelated to the happenings in Outland, Kalimdor once more finds its lands engulfed in war - only now it being a new threat: pirates and marines.

Electoral candidates prepare for debate and election


In spectacular premiere, the people of Stormwind will be called to vote for Old Town's Commissar in the elections organized by The Citizen Congress. Here are the candidates and their manifestos. Don't miss the debate February 9th and the elections February 12th.

Baffling explosion from the cosmos strikes the Storm Peaks


On the morning of the fourth day of the second month of the year, a flaming meteorite lit up the starless skies. It was first sighted over the Vale of Stranglethorn and is said to have travelled as far as the Storm Peaks of Northrend.

Newsflash: Peace Treaty Signed


After an extended period of strife, the Argent Post presents a list of names that have bound themselves to work towards peace and prosperity. Images and text courtesy of Snap News.

Fat Father Winter back to jail


Friday the 20th of the last month of the year: Fat Father Winter is temporarily released from jail by the Stormwind City Watch, after last year's conviction for manslaughter, to bring joy and laughter to the streets of Stormwind. Many people came to sit on his lap to receive their present, proving once more that Stormwind's inhabitants are fearless.

Arathi Skirmishes - A Worrying Precedent?


For the past week, roving battles have taken place on the rolling plains of Arathi. An unexpected assault from Forsaken forces has led to a bitter trade of blows, the thinly spread Arathorians coming under siege at Strom itself for several days during the course of which the walls and gates changed hands several times. Does this kind of low-level conflict set a worrying precedent for civilians on both sides living in far-flung regions?

Nazrahk’s Guide to the Coziest Places on Azeroth


With warfare, death and an uncertain future taking hold over both Horde and Alliance, taking the time out for some rest and relaxation has never been more important. The Argent Archives has sent a few of its intrepid reporters far and wide for the purposes of documenting the coziest places on all of Azeroth just for you, the luxury-loving reader. Without further ado, let’s get ourselves to the relaxation station!

The Larks of Literature


The lark of literature! What are the larks of literature you ask? Perhaps to console, entertain or humour. How important is the written word, or does it make you feel as if you were in a "binding"? I relay my thoughts and the thoughts of others in this article. Read on to find out more!


Dark and mysterious festivities


Even in dark times, you are still capable of finding joy in life, even in places you wouldn't expect to find it. A certain group of carnies have made it their goal to prove that the dark and gloomy doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

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