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Hallow's End Art Contest: Winner's Revealed!


Hallow’s End is now long past and the remnants of the Wickerman lay scattered on the ground. Fires of the headless one’s torment scorched the cities and forests we hold dearest and still only the celebration of harvest is in our minds and hearts. With the golden season soon approaching there is much to do in preparation, not only in the fields of green but even here in the Archives. As for our first task….

Jade Fever cure found!


The sickness, which came to be known as the "jadefever", has claimed the lives of many caught within its grasp, and many more are still sick. Until now, healers and medical experts have been baffled by its persistance and demoralized by their own helplessness. But now, a cure has been found! 

The Argent Art Contest: October Edition: Results Soon!


Recently the archives have been alive with an abundance of brilliant and sometimes fascinating pieces of artwork; and although we have the space to sort out the heaps of scrolls and canvas that lay scattered about, we lacked the free hands! 

Urgent notice: sickness spreads


For the time being, there is no cure, but present healing methods and some medicines have shown some effect at reducing the severity of symptoms. Ultimately, the best way to fight the illness, as with all others, is not to get ill. Keep clean, wash your hands frequently and beware of public spaces where traces of the illness may be present.

Fakelwind Farce - Festive or Fishy?

Fakelwind Farce 2.jpg

On the 20th of the ninth month at the 8th bell precisely, the "Fakelwind Farce" opened their doors and arms to the general public, welcoming them to a night of fun and ... suspicious activity? They greeted the public with their toothless smile and devious eyes.

Across the Divide


There are those in the Grand Alliance who question allowing rebels from among the Horde to stand beside Alliance soldiers as the siege lines close around the city of Orgrimmar.  There are those among those same rebels who complain that night elves, gnomes, and humans are turned to for aid.  Revolutions against the crown of Stormwind have been seen before, and quickly put down.  What hope, then, for this temporary alliance against the might of the Horde of Orgrimmar?

Fablewind Faire's Brewfest Brewhaha!


Every week, The Fablewind Faire gives it their all in a free variety show with a fabulous line up of open air performances - singers, dancers, comedians, acrobats, magicians and more. Every week a different set list and new scripted shows! Every week, free food and drink! This week, Brewfest Brewhaha!



Stormwind's premier gnome goes forth into Durotar to report on the frontlines of the war - a series of gruesome snapgraphs and opinions from the brave souls risking their lives inside the latest issue of the Argent Post.

Dispute settled on field of honor


Stormwind's streets are no strangers to combat; In fact, it's hard to avoid ending up in a fight half the time! The nobility of the city has likewise traditions to settle their disputes. After being gravely offended by Lord Shonn Bayerleyn, sir Ithric Mellowdale challenged the former to a duel of honor outside the gates of Stormwind. 

Squared Circle and Steel Chains


The roar of the crowd, the scent of blood, bones, and ashes.  Has the Horde turned its back on its former Warchief?  Who are these slaves to violence, and why do they fight?

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