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Gilneas left to rot away


King Genn Greymane and his wife, Queen Mia Greymane had left Gilneas due the sudden rise of Forsaken armies. It was said that they'd return, but when? The former law enforcement in Gilneas has completely vanished and so have most of the people. Are we already too late?

Stormwind's Congress launches Fundraising

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The past week was a great week for the Citizen Congress the Fundraising will be able to provide food, shelter and education for the homeless children of Stormwind City. What what was done to reach this goal? The Argent Post was informed and got involved!

Alliance Forces in the North bite the dust

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A large force of Alliance soldiers gathered inside Stromgarde keep and set their eyes on gaining a foothold in Lordaeron to prepare a fullscale invasion. The years of bickering between the Forsaken forced lead them to believe that the Forsaken was broken and unable to withstand a united alliance. They would soon find out how wrong they were..

Will Stormwind end up in the dirt?


Stormwind has never been so ruined as it is today, something we used to call 'The Park' that had been utterly destroyed by the flames of Deathwing still lies and ruins and hasn't been touched since. Are there any guardsmen left? Will we even be prepared when the next monsters appear at our gates?

The Alliance: Mercy Taken Too Far?

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Across Stormwind's pristine white walls and clean-swept ruins, only the lingering cracks and marrings of Deathwing's assault remain. Over a year since, with physical scars slow to heal, what is to be said about the spirit of the city, and by extension, the Alliance as a whole?

Will War's End Bring Peace in Pandaria?


With the arrival of the Horde and the Alliance, Pandaria has changed an awful lot. It is said that most of the formerly beautiful land has been captured by both the Horde and the Alliance. These factions have started building their own camps and cities with in Pandaria, destroying hundred years of work in just a few weeks.

Rebellion causes recession


With the current conflict within the Horde stocks on various Horde goods are plummeting drastically. A lot of the bigger Goblin investors are afraid of investing their money into either side of the war, as the outcome is still not certain.

Mage quarters alive like never before!


Meetings, readings, gatherings and whatnot. It is all happening in the jolly pink quarters most people in Stormwind had forgotten about. This week there had taken place a reading for wizards, mages and those interested. The event was organized by the Covenant of Wizardry.

AA Story Contest Winner Revealed!


Now that this seemingly endless trial has come to a close, the judges gather to complete the painstaking process of deciding who of their contestants would take home the grand prize. 


Martial Law tears the Horde apart!


That the Horde is undergoing some major changes lately, is no news in its own. However! The motivations and different points of views behind it all is! Follow us in a journey through the Martial Law in Orgrimmar out into the open Barren's desert and read all about what some think ... And some don't!

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