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AA Story Contest: Final Round Closed, Winners Soon to be Announced!


A tight win for six lucky contestants as the second round of the story contest draws to a close, leaving only a handful of participants left to compete for the coveted win!

AA Story Contest: Round Two Closed, Results Soon!


After another chaotic trogg fiasco deep within the archives center in Ironforge, the judges have come back to announce those that passed Round One! For those who participated, check to see if you are eligible to continue on to Round Two, or simply peek for a gander at our judge's personal favorites.

City life: Packs, or criminal gangs?


The city of Stormwind has a new kind of plague roaming the streets: Criminal worgen. Guards state that over eighty per cent of their cases revolve around Worgen acting violently towards other citizens, or fighting out rivalries in the street. What causes this violent behaviour within the Worgen? Is it a Gilnean trait to turn to crime easier? We asked a few people on the street! 

AA Story Contest: Round One Entry Submissions are now CLOSED.

In the heavy mists of the new world a generation of humans, elves, trolls and pandaren alike have met with a tidal wave of change and circumstances that both framed and crumbled them from the outside in. These brave men and women of Azeroth and beyond now fight in a war of greater proportions than some have ever known, and for many…all that will be left in their wake are memories…

The judges will deliberate and announce those who passed Round One in the following days.

Law-enforcers, unite!

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"Can't walk the streets without encountering a fight these days!" An often heard statement. The law is being broken left and right, and law-enforcers seem unable to do anything about it! Enough, says lieutenant Rowe of the Stormwind Bulwark. Together with the Stormwind City Watch and the Southern Council, law-enforcement seems to be reuniting again! 

Who will be the next Warchief?


An end to a glorious reign! Banners fly high in Orgrimmar, as the crowd places their bets.  An April Fools article from the Argent Post.

Old homes become new battlefields


Forsaken, Blood elves, Orcs, Trolls and Tauren come together on a late night in the third month with a single goal: to eradicate the Alliance infestation upon the old home of the now long defeated Syndicate, old enemies of the Ravenholdt!

Peaceful meeting ends in death


During what is said to have been a peaceful meeting at the keep between members of the Royal Court and the civilian movement calling themselves the Redshirts, Brigadier Grelind Stormfeather and Lord Shonn Bayerleyn called upon their soldiers to assault the Redshirts and kill them if they did not take off their red shirts. The event ended with the tragic death of one of the Redshirts' supporters

Mounting unrest in Stormwind


Stormwind has had its fair share of riots and protests in the past, and people no longer seem to be surprised to find some skirmish going on in front of the Keep. 
But a new sort of resistance has popped up recently, and agitators in red shirts pop up all around the city, demanding to be heard. Will this lead to a riot, or worse, rebellion? 

Column: Horde Fashion


Horde Fashions! You want it? We got it! In this article we will be looking into the styles and trends of the Horde. Can I wear my Tribal Skull with my Frilly Dress? Do these Crushstompers make my butt look big? Should you ever wield a pink Hammer of Big Death? ALL IS REVEALED.

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