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The Jade Gathering thwarts ancient evil


While the Horde and Alliance forces battle out their hatred in the broken lands of Draenor, groups of individuals back home continue the struggle against evil. The Jade Gathering, reunited again to fight against a common goal, were given a benevolent quest, which took them into the frigid wasteland that is Northrend, in order to defeat a tyrant aiming to bring darkness over Azeroth.


Watchmen under fire


The Stormwind City Watch has been the first line of defence against crooks and bandits since Anduin Wrynn wore short pants. Yet a new, shocking story prompted us to investigate: How well does the City Watch serve the city's interest? Is there more to it than meets the eye? Read and judge the scandals! 

Argent Post is hiring!


A newspaper doesn't write itself: A whole team of reporters, editors, critics, fashionistas, trendspotters and undercover agents works together to bring you the daily news! Can you read, write, and do you have some time on your hands? Read on then, potential new member of the team! 

Newsflash: Royal Court addresses concerns


It has been a while since we last heard from the Royal Court. But today, the 26th, they announced that they will listen to the people's concerns and questions on thursday the 28th, at the City Hall in the Cathedral Square in Stormwind. Is there reason for concern? 

Tux Killers in Stormwind


In this interview, Lord Eragorn Tempest of the Stormwind Home Guard talks about a disturbing new trend within the city walls. Tux Killers, they're called, and they commit crime all over the city. If you want to know what to do when you spot one of these men, read on!

Judge Eweger strikes again


Judge Eweger has yet another trial behind his belt, making him the second most succesful judge in the penal system. With his often shocking outbursts and clear display of favoritism, he has won a place in everybody's hearts. Mostly a place reserved for arch nemeses, ofcourse, but a place none the less. 

Bane of the Legion


Last sunday several of the Orders of the Light gathered in Hearthglen, home of the Argent Crusade. The purpose of this gathering: Decide on the forming of a unified front against the Burning Legion forces. Read all about it in this short article. 

Horde Perspective on Ashes of Draenor


Conquest continues on Draenor, the Alliance and Horde clashing in their search for resources. The campaign begun with the spilling of blood, skirmishes are less frequent now that most forces have moved from Hellfire Peninsula to Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest. What was it like to experience the beginning? How fare the people?

Alliance Perspective on Ashes of Draenor


Conflict. Hate. Passion. It saunters through the ground of Draenor as the Alliance and Horde clash in this barren land. A campaign that officially started on the 28th of this month but the presence of Horde and Alliance forces before this date sparked skirmishes: a bloody beginning of this four week long event. Who will win, who will lose and who will survive?

Blue Skinned Visitors Find Open Welcome in Foreign Lands


Late last night, after a long perilous journey, a group of travel worn trolls hailing the colors of the Darkspear touched ground in the land of the mists for the first time, adding another group of adventurers to the long list of wayward souls that have touched upon the foreign lands of Pandaria since its discovery not so long ago. 

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