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Heroic Footmen Give Lives in Defense of Homeland


On the 6th of January there were reports of Horde Sightings in the Redridge Mountains. The Alliance forces under King Varian Wrynn's command were send to the obstacle to see what exactly was going on, then was found out that this wasn't just a sighting, this was an actual war.

The Argent Post: Now Hiring Freelance Reporters


The Argent Post is a neutral newspaper that spreads its reaches all the way from Quel'thalas to Elwynn Forest. From current events, Argent Post informs, surveys and battle headlines, the Post is a part of history here in Azeroth and wants to continue to grace the morning tables of many for decades to come.

New Tinkertown Alive with Celebration


Gnomes gathered together in Dun Morough this last Saturday to remember the disaster in the former capital of Gnomeregan, singing out praise for High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque and showing their respects for those lost so long ago.

Theramore Story Contest Winners Finally Revealed!


After a long wait and a painful decision process, the judges of the story contest finally decided on the final winners of the contest!

AA Writing Contest: People's Choice!


After a long few days of deliberation, the glorious judges have read through the tales and adventures tied to the fall of Theramore. Stories of courage, fear, determination, and downright greed were laid to ink, and it was our esteemed pleasure to take a glimpse into so many character's minds.



Breathtaking departure meets dangerous tides for elven battalion


After what could be called one of the most extravagent elven galas in recent years, the city of Silvermoon received word that the warhost unit known as the Bloodied Talons were lost at sea in the ongoing war against the Alliance forces in their pilgrimmage to the new lands beyond the mist.

Horde aggression encouraged by attack on Theramore


The Horde exemplifies another act of brute savagery this week as rumors of a jungle assault surface mere days after the crumbling of our fair city of Theramore. Citizens of the region are left wondering if this is it, or if a full scale war in wandering onto their very doorsteps.

AA Writing Contest: Read the Entries Here!


After the catastrophic fall of the proud Alliance capital of Theramore, citizens of both the Horde and Alliance struggle to make sense of the event, inspiring both outrage and warcries from all over Azeroth.

The time to act is now!


Horde warforce strengthens internally


The forces of the Horde rallied together in a variety of festivities this last weekend, celebrating unity through both ritual practice and friendly competition during these dark times of war. A display of vitality shown by nearly every race despite news from the frontlines proves even now that all the Horde remains strong in the traditions they've honored for decades - finding power in the binding of their people above all else.

Failed sieges leave Northerners disillusioned


Another siege of Stromgarde was lost last week, in the last of a string of failed attempts to retake the land lost in the battles of the Borderlands. Disenchanted and withdrawn, the siege attempt left the hired swords assigned to the Horde-infested lands sailing towards Kalimdor along with what seems like more than half of the city's militias, seeking to defend when they could not recapture.

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