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Alliance delivers battle in Borderlands


Alliance units from all over the world have come together to clash for conquest of the Borderlands. This report in pictures and interviews gives their perspective on the bloody war, from the Siege of Hammerfall to the struggle in Hinterlands, and from the conquest of Dun Garok to the daring Operation Stormbolt in Silverpine Forest.

Horde Heroes on the Front Lines


The Northern lands of the Eastern Kingdoms have come to life with armies of the Horde and Alliance clashing for conquest of the region. This report from the front lines brings the latest news about the efforts of the Horde forces in securing their objectives, from small skirmishes in Silverpine Forest to the battle in Hillsbrad, Hinterlands and Wetlands, all the way to the deadly Siege of Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands.

Alliance craftsmanship in thieving hands


On the 10th day of the 3rd month, a small group of Forsaken from the Grasp of the Queen was spotted in Hillsbrad FoothillsStormpike dwarves in the area became extra cautious with such a force nearby. Not long after, a steamtank, a sophisticated dwarven siegeengine, simply vanished from the inventory ... 

Tears of Arathor


For years now, the ruined kingdom of Arathor was but that, a ruin. Yet many have clung to the hope of redemption, to reclaim their lost city and rebuild what was lost so many years ago. But it aren't just the Alliance Redcoats that have their eyes on Arathi. The Eastern Horde marched as well, weapons sharp and soon to be bloody. 

Military terror in Stormwind


On the morning of the 24th of the second month, the citizens of Stormwind woke up to the screams of little children and the loud and sometimes heated chatter of men and women. The subject of their interest: A dead orc, hung up with chains to the lamppost outside the Shady Lady. 

A bloody Path of Prowess


With Deathwing's demise, both the Horde and Alliance armies prepare to march back home. With them they bring the experience of a cruel war, not only against the forces of Twilight, but against eachother as well. The Alliance forces have proven once again that peace shall never be an option, when they raided several Horde towns in Kalimdor last saturday. 

Lupine Letter claims third victim


The third murder victim of a killer - referred to as the 'Lupine Letter' by the natives - was found in the early morning of February the 3rd. The population of worgen in Gilneas currently live in fear for their lives. With Forsaken invasions, shape-shifting curses and now a serial killer one could contemplate: how much more can Gilneas take before drawing its last breath?

Spot on: Bilgewater Harbour


Spot on takes you through the big towns and cities of the Horde, discover the wonders of the cities you may not visit very often or keep up to date with the happenings. This week’s “spot on” takes you to Bilgewater Harbour in the orange grass land Azshara.

Marching home for more war


As Winter veil fades into memories, and Deathwing’s terror has come to an end, the armies of the Alliance and Horde once again turn to one another, is it only a matter of time before we are on full scale war again? In this interview with some of the Horde ranks you will find your answers.

Father Winter against crime


Yesterdayeve Stormwind City welcomed Fat father Winter, known also as Drill-sergeant Kazdun Goldfist of the City Watch on every other day of the year. Father Winter inspired the citizens to stay on the right side of the law, listened to their Winter's veil wishes and encouraged the merry spirit with a small present. Visitors also had their picture taken, see if you recognize someone! 

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