Spirit Champion Kohg Frostwing 

Name Kohg
Occupation Advisor of the Warband of the Wolf
Age Young adult
Race Orc
Residence Hammerfall
Guild Warband of the Wolf
Outward Appearance




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Kohg was eager to visit the sacred site of the ancestors. Being borned in the bloodline of Makra everyone knew he was destined to become a shaman of the Frostwolf. But still he wondered; would he really see the spirits as they approached him and the eldery shaman who took him on this spiritual journey?

He hesitated to walk further in the mountain. He did not yet feel anything at all. Was he suppose to feel the spirits already? The Makra bloodline was not the greatest of bloodlines within the Frostwolf. They had all been shamans, but only one had made such a impression that his name would never be forgotten by the Frostwolf Clan. Kohg always blamed him for tainting the Makra bloodline rather then honor it. Since his name had been carved in stone, all from the Makra bloodline was compared with him.

It felt like someone drew a line on his spine with a bit of ice. He shivered and glanced at the eldery shaman. The Elder grinned and gestured for him to turn his head to the right. The spirit of greyhaired female stood beside him, scanning his whole apperance. Kohg felt honored and at the same time relieved. He saw it. He saw them. He would not bring dishonor to his family.

"Know your place in this realm, Kohg, son of Makra. Though your actions will be heroic, you will never be known as the hero of your Clan. Many are them who will need your advice and guidance. I thought you were ready to take the next step in to faith, but now I feel that moment will have to wait".

Kohg was puzzled, but the shaman who had followed him said only "You must honor the advice of your ancestors, young Kohg". And so Kohg tried to follow this vague advice, which he would not understand until years later.


Makra, his father, died a year before he settled in Hammerfall with the Warband of the Wolf. Kohg kept on dreaming about him, and his younger brother who had, by a clumsy accident involving a ladder, died. Many days did not Kohg know wether he was still in the realm of dreams or back in Hammerfall. Even when he was certain to be awake did the spirits of the ancestors tormented his mind with requests, advices, demands.
He still suffers from the visitations of the ancestors and the fact that he can no longer be certain of what realm he is in have twisted his personality.

* Kohg is a Spirit-Champion in learning. Ancestors visit him at random times, and even speaks through him. He has not yet learned to control this.

* Since his shaman calling, he has not bothered to find a mate.

* His relatives live in the Valley.

* He has been known to summon a companion spirital wolf

* As much as he despise the forsaken, he is very curious of them and their background.

* He gets stressed in big cities like Orgrimmar.

* Earned his name Frostwing after showing great skills in flying, even in a snow storm.

Friends Trhag, Rouko, Grumtar
Relatives Family in the Valley.
Rivals/ Enemies
Opposite faction attitude Hostile.
Loves The Warband, The Frostwolf Clan.
Hates The Forsaken.
Motivation The Warband.
Quotes Lo'Gosh will guide my way.

Kohg's Adventures

Kohg's Adventures

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Kohg's Gallery