A bloody Path of Prowess


With Deathwing's demise, both the Horde and Alliance armies prepare to march back home. With them they bring the experience of a cruel war, not only against the forces of Twilight, but against eachother as well. The Alliance forces have proven once again that peace shall never be an option, when they raided several Horde towns in Kalimdor last saturday. 

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Path of Prowess

In a military event they call the Path of Prowess, the Alliance forces of the Stormguard and the Wallwreckers, and the Night Elven warriors of the Hornmantled swept across Ashenvale and the Barrens to bring merciless slaughter to the Horde outposts of Zoram'gar, Crossroads and part of Razor Hill, the latter being the place where they were halted and pushed back by an overwhelming Horde force.

The forces of the Path of Prowess meet in Astranaar, discussing their vengeance. 

The march to Zoram'gar, an outpost of the Horde in western Ashenvale, guided by Harbinger Cerelia Razorleaf.

The goal

Questions have been raised as to the specific reason of this attack. Military officers claim that the official reason was depleting the Horde resources in the region, a way to force the Horde to replentish them, and thus slow the progress of their main war caravan. This would be the reason also, why most of the Outposts weren't put to the flame. 

Resources found at Zoram'gar Outpost, a settlement which requires constant supplies if it ever wants to be finished.

Phenophia Reynolt of the Stormguard upholds a portal to Stormwind, in order to transport the resources within Zoram'gar with efficient speed.


Yet more and more reports leak about the purposeful cruelty applied to each settlement the Path of Prowess targetted. No resources were stolen at the Crossroads, or Razor Hill, for example, even though the former settlement is an important traderoute for the Horde. The little news we did receive, speaks of horrific actions: murder without discrimination between soldier, civilian, or even children. 

Such cruelty is uncommon within the Alliance army. Perhaps it could be expected from the particular forces who carried this assault, notorious for their merciless attitude towards the Horde. But can such a slaughter really be justified?

The Stormguard turns from Zoram'gar to the Barrens, with vengeance in mind.

The Wallwreckers, the soldiers who gathered the Path of Prowess. Rumour has it that this regiment is made up of madmen, unstable soldiers. Perhaps they had a hand in the particular cruelty shown in the assaults?

Leandir of the Stormguard battles an orc soldier at the Crossroads. 

More battle at the Crossroads by Kayris Wintermist and Field Marshal Amarae.

The end of Prowess

The progress of the Path was finally halted at Razor Hill, the last town before Orgrimmar. Some would have called venturing there a suicidal march, but the forces of the Path of Prowess had already proven they would not consider halting their advance until enough blood had flown, perhaps enough of their own blood, even. 

An orcish soldier at Razor Hill has had enough, begging for mercy she can not possibly hope to get from Lady Amarae.


The Horde response at Razor Hill was relatively fast. Within fifteen minutes they arrived, and scattered the Path, sending them back to Astranaar. 
Soon after, the Horde forces made a speedy assault on Astranaar itself, causing severe damage to the glaive throwers defending the village. 

Retaliation in Astranaar, the Horde seeks revenge for the merciless slaughter brought upon them by the Alliance forces.



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