Atal Zanza Aka

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Founding date Shortly after the discovery of the Zandalar tribes forces upon the Isle of Thunder. (10th of February, 2013)
Goal To restore and ressurrect the old ways of troll culture and bring glory to the new Empire.
Main area of operations Stranglethorn Vale
Faction Horde
Opposite faction attitude Hostile, towards both the Alliance and Horde.
Friends/Allies None.
Rivals/Enemies None in particular.
Guild status Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s) Inactive due to lacking officer management.




The Atal Zanza Aka, or the Devoted Children of Zanza, are a group of trolls made up from former members of partly the Jang Thraze Atal and Loa Atal Ai. Zaza’jin, former hexxer of the Jang Thraze Atal and once Hex’antu of the Loa Atal Ai created the Atal Zanza Aka with one purpose; to restore and resurrect the old ways of his kins culture, no matter the cost.

The Devoted Children were originally exiles of the Loa Atal Ai, the Hex’antu, Zaza’jin, had planned a rebellion towards the Loa Atal Ais Jin, Marca’zhu, who to Zaza’jins fear discovered his plans and threw him out of the warband, Loa Atal Ai.

Yet the Zaza’jin wasn’t alone, accompanied by many others of the Loa Atal Ai and Jang Thraze Atal he left the city of Orgrimmar behind, travelling to the jungles of Strangelthorn where he and his followers settled down in the ruins of the once Golden City, Zul'Gurub.

Upon their stay within the legendary city the Devoted Children found quite the many allies, here among the Zandalari Empire, the Cult of the Raptor, Lorekeepers of Zanza and even a few exiles from the Darkspear Tribe. Along with those very different organisations the Devoted Children now work to bring back the glory of their people.







  • Whelp’s are the new trolls within the Atal Zanza Aka, they still got to proof themselves in the eyes of the Antus and the rest of the Devoted Children of Zanza, and most of all in the eyes of the loas. Most of the ‘Whelps’ strives after a fast promotion as the rank requires those trolls often to bite the dust and show that they know of showing respect to the ranks above. This is the hardest rank to surpass as well, as it requires the troll always to pay attention to his or her surroundings, one wrong word can cause him or her to be stuck as a ‘Whelp’ for another month.


  • Kin, these people are the backbone of the Devoted Children, although their combat skills are minimal and they do not posess the potent voodoo of the Zul they are the hands that feed, clothe and equip the Devoted Children. This is also the middle-stage for those trolls wishing to proceed up through the ranks.


  • Thraze’s are the headhunters and stalkers of the Devoted Children. The Thraze are the silent hunters of the order, often followers of Bethekk as they rely heavily on working within the shadows and the popular art of guerilla warfare.


  • Zul’s are the hexxers and witch doctors within the ranks of the Devoted Children, their task are probably the most important of all, to please and praise the loas. They are highly respected within troll society and at the same time are much feared, their hexxers can break a man’s bones with a short chant in the honor of Ogoun, while their witch doctors can close the worst of wounds with the power of Lokou. They often have great celebrations for the loas, to power their voodoo spells and to increase their relations with the loas.


  • Jang’s are the berserkers and warriors within the Devoted Children; they’re the brutes who protect the rest of the order from any harm. Where the zul and thraze lack the strength the Jang steps into action for exactly this very purpose.


  • Atal’s are the elite or the veterans of the Atal Zanza Aka, they’re the ones who are going to make an example of themselves to the ranks below, or how they should be and what they can achieve by doing so. The Atal’s consist both of Tharze’s and Zul’s, the Thraze’s often work as bodyguards for the Antus and are given important tasks in combat, like leading a minor group of headhunters to the flank of the enemy. The Atal’s that have raised from the ranks of Zul often can be charged with leading rituals and offerings for the loas they’re closest with, they can also be put in charge of minor tasks within combat. Atal’s doesn’t have authority over the ranks below them unless they’re given so directly by the Antu’s, yet they usually get a lot of respect as they’re favored by the Antu’s, and if it reaches the ears of the Antu’s that their favored and devoted ones has been shown disrespect, there surely awaits a punishment for the troll spitting out such lies.

  • Antu’s are the leaders and overseers of the Devoted Children. When their word is spoken it is law and to go against such surely only will end in a punishment usually. The antus work within a council mostly focused upon democracy and voting yet at times the head of the antu council, which is the main leader figure of the antu and thereby the order, can chose for the order himself.





Q: Are you guys active?

A: As of currently we are "dormant", alias inactive. The reason behind this is the little interest the guild have recieved recently, a great amount of guild drama and the lack of officer management.

Q: So, I am rather much new to troll roleplay, would you still accept one like me?

A: Indeed! We often accept new roleplayers into our ranks and we gladly help them with lore and character concepts. We do require them to be willing to learn and take advice though.

Q: So, this all in all sounds pretty cool, if I am wishing to join what do I do?

A: Well, first of all you better find our location as this can be varying from time to time as we move all across Azeroth visiting the different tribes, sharing one another’s culture. You’ll probably need to /who us and then simply send a /w to one of our online member, the person then hopefully will direct you to an online officer who will set up an in character interview.

Q: Sweet! And you said you travel all around the world?

A: That we do! We tend to move from place to place once a month or more, as the Devoted Children of Zanza, and with Zanza being the lorekeeper himself, the Devoted Children travel the world to learn more of their fellow tribes ways and cultures, some tribes show friend and others foe, all explained throughout events!

Q: Oh, but aren’t those tribes hostile to the Horde and gameplay wise as well?

A: Both is correct, let us start with the gameplay, usually the mobs are too low level to really detect us and attack us on close range and those that unluckily do attack us we kill out of characterly. Except for that, the Atal Zanza Aka are Zandalari aligned, meaning that we do not fight alongside the Horde, but actually fight against them.

Q: Well, that sounds cool but I am a bit frightened of approaching you guys, you all seem very hostile?

A: Hah! Well, we surely are a bunch of savage, racist, sexist, murderous, pillaging mongrels in character wise, indeed! But, I can assure you that there is nothing else than a good mood and jolly chats within the guild chat! If it is taken to an out of character basic though, contact an officer and we will sort such out! We do all play to have fun, don’t we?



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