Huntress Lyana Saethu 

Name Saethu
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Age 31
Race Human
Residence Thelsamar (temporarily)
Guild None
Outward Appearance

Having lost an eye after a vicious attack, by what she has told no one, Lyana has now had to become accustomed to wearing a patch and getting the odd stare. Although many may have thought this would hamper her skills in ranged weaponary, and indeed it may have, she will not hear of it or let it be heard.

Her hair is dark red, long and always tied back. She can usually be found in leathers with her trusty wolf, Silverclaw, by her side.



Lyana has lived a brutal life. From her childhood, growing up in poverty and on the shady side of the law to the disappearance of her father and brother, she does not have many happy recollections of her younger life.

At 13 she wanted to make her family proud. Her brother was out pickpocketing with their mother, her father was out poaching each night. She wanted to put food on the table like did, she wanted to bring home something substantial. So, at the peak of day, she set off into the forest in search of a prize, a prize that would set her apart from her brother, a prize that would prove her worth and skill.

She had never felt so proud when she made her first kill. She had done it by herself, no instruction, no help; it was all her. She had taken down a fully grown wolf! But, that pride had been stamped out as soon as it had come, as the realisation that the life she had just taken had been supporting two others. Two little balls of fur sat not too far away in their den. She had sentenced them to death with her ignorance.

After a daring feat that, to this day, she refuses to tell like so much else, she managed to bring the two scraps of fur home, to her family's anger. More mouths to feed! A few days later one pup had died, but the other - Silverclaw - had not. He was to become her life-long companion.

Years later Lyana, now 19, decided that poaching, although it could be lucrative, was not for her. She respected animals too much and, although she had been taught to use every part of them and never to waste, she felt that her skills could be better used elsewhere. A bounty hunter she would soon become.

On the day of her departure she had assumed her father had decided to stay away - infuriated by her wish to leave the family and the life they had lived for so long. In reality he heard of a known theif having been caught within the walls of the Stormwind and that they could potentially be strung up, worried it could be her mother or brother, he went to investigate.

A noble, from one of the lesser estates, was visiting Stormwind at the same time to register a complaint with the authority with his game keeper. Two of his prized dawnsabers had gone missing as well as some wild goretusks. He had come, unknowingly to her father, to issue a description of the suspect.

As posters of Lyana's face began to be nailed up later that day, her father feared the worst. She could not leave with a bounty on her head, the irony escaping no one. Unable to get back to their home in time to stop her leaving, as he knew she would even if he were not there, he came before the magistrates and pleaded that he was the poacher and not this unknown woman.

That day Lyana not only lost her brother for theiving, but also her father. As they could not pay the fine they were sent to labour camps and never heard of again. It was rumoured they were somewhere in Nothrend.

Now at 31, her mother had died the year just gone from a long term illness, Lyana was, essentially, alone in the world. She had never had any relationships, and never wanted any. She was a lone wolf, and like her father had said, lone wolves died without their pack. But, having lived so long without such, maybe this was just her destiny.

Friends None
Relatives Other members of the Saethu family
Rivals/ Enemies None
Opposite faction attitude Neutral
Loves Lakes, Mountains, Archery, Solitude
Hates Flying, Blood Elves, Stormwind City, Porridge
Motivation To have a menagerie
Quotes "My wolf has eyes on you mate, watch yourself."

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