Trazza Zen'jawe 

Name Trazza
Occupation Death Knight. Mercenary.
Age undead, deceased at mid-twenties
Race Troll
Residence Varies (see background)
Guild none
Outward Appearance

Blood red hair, resembling those of a Bloodscalp. Pale, cold skin, covered with the remains of green moss, that betrays his half-forest troll heritage.

A few scars from the old wounds on his face.



He wasn't always called Trazza.

Born to a Darkspear of Zen'jawe family, and a Revantusk woman, young troll, named Tyaraz'can, grew up in one of countless troll villages in the jungles of Stranglethorn. Due to their cross-tribe relationship, his parents were subjected to cruelty and mistreatment, what has eventually resulted in their premature deaths.

Young whelp, left alone, with nobody to take care of him, wasn't faring much better. Yet, even though forced to do worst, menial tasks, often beaten by packs of other whelps, eating the leftovers scornfully thrown his way, he endured... for some time. Growing increasingly bitter, and having noone to stay for, eventually, one night he sneaked out, and ran away towards the nearby goblin port of Booty Bay, that he eavesdropped about from the talks of village's scouts and traders.

Childhood of a lone whelp in a city full of pirates and sailors wasn't a paradise, either. Spending it fighting other orphaned kids for the old bread left on the inn's floor, pickpocketing strangers for small sums of copper to survive a day, and accompanied by the ever present, constant hunger, by his teens, he grew up to be cruel, bitter and self-serving.

About that time, he managed to get a job at the docks, carrying wares from and onto arriving ships. Since his troll name was too long and hard to pronounce for goblins, they shortened it to sounding more familiar for them nickname "Trazza", that he has adopted since then.

One day, when he was resting in the tavern after a long day of work, a small group of drunken sailors from a newly arrived ship, looking for easy entertainment, attempted to pick a fight with what seemed to them like an easy prey: alone, hunched figure in a corner, barely recognizable in the dark inn, and apparently only interested in his mug of cheap grog. That evening, however, they tried to bite more, than they could chew... and it didn't end good for them. The tavern was filled with sounds of brawling, short, angry growls and roars, and, eventually, human screams.

On the next morning, Trazza was visited by Baron Revilgaz's henchmen, and "asked" to pay him a visit. Not having much of a choice, he obeyed... and to his surprise, instead of a punishment, Baron had a job for him. On that day, his career of a mercenary has started.

During the next few years, he travelled around the world, lending his blade to whoever could pay, and his combat experience grew.

Eventually, he also travelled to Kalimdor, sometimes visiting Sen'jin Village, seeking the company of trolls (or, to be honest, troll women), though didn't seem to really care about what happens there... unless he could use it to get some profit.

He also doesn't know almost anything about Loas, and doesn't seem to really care about them, though is smart enough to keep quiet about it, when among other trolls.

His speech bears almost no marks of troll accent, be it either in orcish or Zandali, though it shows some influence of port life among goblins.

Shortly before the Horde and Alliance offensive in Northrend, he was hired by Argent Dawn to fight the Scourge in Eastern Plaguelands - unfortunately, he fell in battle, and was raised as one of Lich King's Death Knights, later to be freed from under his influence after the battle at the Light's Hope Chapel.

As one of the undead, he was trying to continue the life of a mercenary, working for the Ebon Blade in return for shelter and training in his new abilities. However, being aware, that his state isn't going to be accepted everywhere, when not working on some contract, or assigned mission, he mostly kept to Booty Bay, Ebon Hold, or the lands under a control of the Forsaken.

After the Lich King was destroyed, and the remains of the Undead Scourge cleaned up, he found himself in a new situation: the purpose they had, destroying their undead killer and creator, was fulfilled... yet, where he didn't have one before, was left a strangely feeling void.

Void, that he might seek to be filled, with one cause or another... even though he won't easily admit it himself.

Friends none
Relatives cousin to Zen'jawe family of Sen'jin
Rivals/ Enemies None. Formerly, Scourge.
Opposite faction attitude Neutral. Same customers as anyone else.
Loves Gold. Himself.
Hates Lack of gold. Those trying to kill him in any given moment.
Motivation Gold, again. Survival.
Quotes "Cut the crap, elf. How much are you going to pay?" , "Yes, I am undead now. Better than lying in a grave, eh?"

Trazza's Adventures

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Trazza's Adventures

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Trazza's Gallery