Lady Raethe Ingessarion Greywind 

Name Raethe
Occupation Retired Master Demonologist, now priest
Age Adult
Race Blood elf
Residence Hammerfall
Guild The Hammerguard
Outward Appearance

Raethe's golden hair has been cut surprisingly short, not coiffeured but casually arranged with layers softly framing her face; when stroked by the sun, amber highlights glint warmly.  Occasionally, she runs a hand through it when talking, which inevitably tousles it into a rakish tomboyishness at odds with her general bearing.

Her blue eyes, which seem to have seen almost too much, smoulder with the green fel tint of the Sin'Dorei and form a striking contrast with the classic rose-hued cheeks and milk-pale tones of her skin.  Her expression is often enigmatic, a strange combination of innocence and dark knowledge, of pain and happiness.  To really look at Raethe is to understand that one might never completely know this person.

It is difficult to place her age, but the conservative might think her to be in the early stages of middle adulthood or possibly the later stages of young adulthood: which, really depends on her mood.

Her clothing is obviously expensive, being stylishly cut from exotically pretty cloths, but the style is from before the war, simple and archaic.  Although she dresses with care for her appearance, not afraid to display herself to good advantage, her preference in clothing is also clearly for modesty. She wears little jewellry - only a plain gold wedding band and a silver medallion on a silver chain, which she wears with the back outwards so that any design is hidden against her skin.

At her belt hang many pouches, some clinking with the sound of small glass vials, some seemingly heavy weighted with substances unknown. A large, well crafted mace hangs at her hip and she moves as if she is used to its weight there.




Born under a demonic taint and once a formidable warlock with a high standing in Silvermoon's arcane hierarchy, second only to Mordekaine the Black in the infamous Cadre, Raethe should have had a powerful future mapped out ahead of her...albeit one that was subordinate to the drive of the demonic forces that possessed her.

Her heart shredded by the loss in action of Dethran Duskwalker, Raethe found herself gradually falling in love with his cousin, Logarn Greywind...only to face an impossible situation when Dethran reappeared from the 'dead'.  Betrayed and tortured by a Dethran lost to insanity, Raethe found first solace and then joy in the comfort and love offered by his cousin.  Their marriage was hurried, with only a handful of witnesses gathered in the light of A'dal in Shattrath City, but it promised to be a happy one...if only Raethe could shake off the torment of the past, her love for Dethran and the demonic possession that grew insidiously within her.

She couldn't.

After fleeing to Outland for a year on the pretext of conducting demonic research, Raethe eventually returned to Azeroth to face the music.  Although she quickly rekindled her marriage with Logarn, she still could not lay to rest the spectres of Dethran, her love for him, his torture of her and her increasing lack of control of her demons.

Finally, in desperation, she appealed to A'dal for help and surrendered herself entirely to the Light.  Released from demonic taint, cleansed and purified by the glowing fire of the Naaru, Raethe began a new life and second chance as a priestess of the Light.

After a long, hard road, fraught with perils - including her recent incarceration with the Orc Sinester, which left both of them emotionally and physically scarred - Raethe has finally learned to forgive Dethran...and truly move on.  Now, after a ceremony of re-affirmation of her wedding vows to Logarn, she is beginning to pick up the pieces of a blissful life.

Friends Logarn Dethran Keylai
Relatives Husband: Logarn Greywind
Rivals/ Enemies Illadan. Antania. Floye.
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Loves Logarn Greywind - soulmate; Dethran Duskwalker - dearest friend, sometimes; mountains; waterfalls.
Hates Dethran Duskwalker - sometimes; Dwarves; Quel'Dorei extremists; Kal'Dorei in Silvermoon.
Motivation Protection of Silvermoon and Horde lands in the absence of most military forces in Northrend, furtherance of knowledge, pursuit of happiness.
Quotes "I'm fine"

Raethe's Adventures

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Raethe's Adventures

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Raethe's Gallery