Amerdan Brightfury 

Name Amerdan
Occupation Juggernaut
Age Middle aged
Race Human
Residence Stormwind
Guild None.
Outward Appearance

Somewhat battle-hardened over the years, he has no specific traits that set him apart from most other human males except perhaps his overly muscular body, giving him a brutish appearance. Or in short, A BIG BASTARD.



Born of Arathi nobility, Amerdan was raised in and around Lordaeron before its Scourging, in which his parents were killed. He is a simple man with simple ideals and somewhat ignorently stoic in enforcing them. His father, during the time he was alive tried to instruct Dan in the ways of being a paladin, some hit home, others didn't. The loss of his parents hardened him to the harshness of the world around him and as such for alot of his teenage years he roamed around azeroth as a rebellious nomad untill his enlistment in the alliance military after a questionable trial over an even more questionable offense. He advanced quickly through the lower ranks of the military under the guidance of a veteran who knew his father, at which point he was picked up by the Seventh legion, and lept without a second thought from the frying pan into the fire. Once more his 'fair' personality and ability in combat earned him a quick escelation through the ranks, reaching a lieutenant. Having served with the Seventh for a good portion of his life, and seen most corners of Azeroth he somewhat lost the will to travel, and looked for a new direction in his life, at which point he came across the name of a famed paladin in charge of a mighty order of elite soldiers named The Stormguard, Lady Amarae the Devout, after a period of sorting out formalities he finally managed to get a transfer request, and was accepted into this revered order. After serving under Amarae the Devout as a Sergeant, he parted ways with the Stormguard for reasons unknown to those not close to him.

Friends Alexandos Rubeus Trístam
Relatives Some distant ones he never sees.
Rivals/ Enemies A few.
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Hates Death Knights, Trolls
Quotes "'Cause we find ourselves in th'same ol' mess, singin' drunken lullabies."

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