Clydus Brookheart the Dead. 

Name Clydus
Occupation Undead Corsair.
Age He's dead.
Race Undead
Residence Unknown.
Guild None.
Outward Appearance

Old (Alive):
Apart from his startling right glass eye, Clydus looks like a ordinary human. His hair is long and blonde, tied into a pony tail to keep it out of his eyes with a white ribbon. His other shining green eye seems to gaze far off, as if thinking for something.

On his right hand is a rather beautiful ring, it is silver with a rosemary stone placed at it's core it glows faintly and flickers in the wind.

There is an enormous stench of alcohol around him, it's probably all that rum, he seems to permanently have a half empty bottle of rum with him, he must've drunk the other half as he wades through this half.

If it at least has to be said, Clydus has tremendous upper-body strength, by looking at his chisseled arms, you can tell he could hold a weapon quite nastily.

However, his strength is thwarted in his speed, Clydus' left leg, after suffering from a gun shot, now handi-caps his movement, and whenever you see him, he will be limping.

He speaks in a coarse voice often in his odd dialect, and usually smokes a pipe in his mouth when loungeing around. His face is nearly always dirty and dirt is often spread around his clothes to.

His shoulder is scarred with the initials "A.H".

New (Undeath):

Angry, is the only word to describe this undead, something, terribly cruel, lurks around him. His hair faded and messy, his skin somewhat green, his jaw, nearly completely off.

Death, is what happened to this undead.



Old (Alive):

Originally born in Darkshire, Clydus is the only son of Jullian Brookheart. Clydus sadly never knew his mother, as she died at his birth. But often his father would tell him of her beauty.

Jullian Brookheart would often tell Clydus, of his tales at sea, as Jullian was a sailor, before Clydus was born, he served under Daelin Proudmoore in the second war. Clydus himself was startled by the tales of courage his father once withstood. Ever since then Clydus has wanted to grow into a strong Alliance Sailor serving in Theramore Isle, although he never did.

Corruption comes easily to the human mind, and soon Clydus was pulled into pirating the southern coasts of the Eastern Kingdoms. When his father heard news of his antics. He collapsed and had a heart attack. Clydus had enlisted with a brute man named Captain Grimes, who was the Captain of the Soaring Swan.

On that ship, at the age of just fifteen, Clydus disovered a story for himself. And also got his eye cut out by a troll named Larz Spiritfang, he aslo met a night elf girl named Tashiaa Moonflower, and gained The Gem Of Yyretroth.

Sadly Clydus soon became depressed after his return to the Eastern Kingdoms. He was ashamed of his life, Clydus turned to drink, or rum to be specific. Ever since then, Clydus has been a raging alcoholic.

However, light has shined down upon him as Clydus gave up his pillaging ways. He returned to Darkshire for many more years to reminisque upon his memories with late Jullian Brookheart.

But this to, was not the end of his travels. In his days in Darkshire, he was told by the spirit of Gredlyn, who had returned from his previous meeting with Clydus, he told him that according to the rules of Pirata, he has to honor the call of becoming a Pirate Lord, as Captain Grimes, never had a successor, his killer must stand to the call. Gredlyn told Clydus to book his idea's up, and set out to find the ship, and honor his newly found title.

Unfortunately, on his first journey at the age of twenty five, Clydus did not find a crew to travel to Kalimdor with, so instead, he traversed on his own. It was a long perilous journey, and he did eventually find his ship. On that day he was greeted by Gredlyn once more, he also met his father, for the last time.

Sadly, Clydus could not live up to the wish Gredlyn at first, he was reluctant, but it soon grew on him, and soon his ship would sail Northern Kalimdor with such pride.

When Clydus hit 30, he retired to his first love in life, and that was his humble blacksmithing and mining in Duskwood. But, if the Bretheren Court do call for him, he will return.

New (Undeath):

*Coming soon*

Friends None.
Relatives None.
Rivals/ Enemies Northwatch Republic.
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Loves Nothing.
Hates Everything.
Motivation Bring Northwatch to it's knees.
Quotes "Kill... them... all..."

Clydus's Adventures

Clydus's Adventures

Clydus's Gallery

Clydus's Gallery