Captain Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts 

Name Roberts
Occupation Captain of the Tide Raven, Venerable Buccaneer
Age Nearing old.
Race Human
Residence Stays to his cabin.
Guild The Tide Raven
Outward Appearance

"The cannons roared like cracks of thunder, flashing with fire, billowing heavy plumes of smoke, as waves of destruction swept the deck of the ship. Laughter rumbled in the distance,- a coarse and wicked cackle that sent chills down the spine of even the most staunch of seamen. 
The guns silenced with a last funnel of smoke that crept across the decks. Then, with the low thud of his heavy boots clipping across the creaking wooden floorboards, the imposing pirate Black Bart Roberts emerged through a hazy veil of smoke. Dashingly clad, with his black, cocked hat and bridge coat. His callus face split with a malevolent grin, bordered by pitch-black beard, his pale, piercing eyes flashed excitedly as he swung his cutlass from its sheathe, rending the air with a sharp whistle of steel!"

Ha, ha, har... ye be warned!

Blak Bart Roberts






Friends Considers his reliable First-Mate Morghan trustworthy.
Relatives Deceased.
Rivals/ Enemies Commodore C. Proeliator, Commodore J. Hawkins & 'Bloody Anna', among many others.
Opposite faction attitude Morally dubious.
Loves The raging seas, his prized flagship, debauchery & his hoard of ill-gotten wealth.
Hates The Hawkins family, doldrums, the authorities, mutineers, lubberly seamen & navy dogs.
Motivation To evade death long enough to become a privileged man of significant wealth among pirates.
Quotes "My heart is black as gold, glittering like coal!"

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Roberts's Adventures

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Roberts's Gallery