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Agathora Abiectus 

Name Agathora
Occupation Unknown
Age Dead?
Race Human
Residence The grave?
Guild None
Outward Appearance

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Agathora is a human at normal human height he also has alot of muscles from hes many years of war, Agathora has shot brown hair with a brown beard on hes face you can also see a black eyepatch over hes right eye, he can almost always be found walking around in hes uniform and him in casual clothing is a very rare sight, beacause of hes many years of war and figthing Agathora has scars all over hes body he also has two death coil marks on hes chest wich for some reason cant disappear, under hes chest armor he has bandages over hes chest area and some bandages over hes right leg.



Agathora was born in Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains during one of the many blackrock orc attacks, beacause of the Blackrock Orcs attacking on a daily basis he did not see hes dad very much so he spent most of hes time helping hes mother and when he father would get home he would train him in the arms of Combat, after five years in Redridge hes sister was born he was very glad for hes sister but as older as they both got they slowly began to drag more and more apart. When Agathora was ten of age and hes sister Nudra was five their mom and dad got killed by the blackrock orcs leaving Agathora and Nudra alone, after that Nudra and Agathora was surviving on their own.

Eight years after their parents got killed Agathora and Nudra went to Stormwind to both start their lifes there, while Nudra began to study as a priest Agathora started to train as a blacksmith under the dwarf Goison Bloodbeard, after five years of training at him the dwarf joined and Agathora was without trainer now and decided to use hes blacksmithing skills somewhere needed.

So after that Agathora spent some time looking for a place where they might need hes Blacksmithing skills and after some months of search he decided to use hes skills to help the people in Northwatch Hold, he then signed up to serve Commander Salindre and all the other Northwatchers in the Barrens, he quickly got hes first order on twelve of Heavy Copper Longswords he was told by the Commander that he could pick the plans in Ironforge so he hurried there got the plans bought some materials for the swords and got back to the Hold to make the swords, hes first order and on good time he was proud of himself and was beginning to like Northwatch Hold altho he was tired of people telling him to get a shirt on when he was clearly wearing one...

After several of months of service as Blacksmith Northwatch Hold reformed into the Empire of Licentia meaning the Commander would now be an Empress Agathora followed willingly as he liked Northwatch very much, after about a month of service in Licentia he as promoted to be part of the council by Empress Salindre Forgen, Agathora was very thankful for this promotion and started up by making the City Watch, he also met hes fellow councillors the dwarf Gloriam Blackhawk, he would sooner become a good friend to Gloriam, there was also the Archmage of the Empire Nalinim, also there was the draenei Shaman Sagure altho he never actually got to meet her, he then started to live hes life as Councillor of the Empire of Licentia and suddenly more and more was giving him respect then when he was just a humble Blacksmith and he enyojed it alot, he stayed as a councillor until one day he was told by Empress Salindre Forgen to take some men and go scout a Kolkar Camp in Thousand Needles he quickly gathered some men and they were off, when he returned home he found out he had been promoted to the rank of Captain and got an official Officer Uniform, he wore the uniform with pride and respected every part of Responsibility that came with the uniform and the new rank.

He remained until the Empire of Licentia reformed and the loyalist of Salindre Forgen was to follow her into a new order of fire preaching and hard training he started out with the rank of Master but lost it after about a week beacause he could not control hes rage when he was figthing some gnomes in Ironforge but he quickly regained it vigilant as he was! Now he wears the title of Master in the Western Flame and intend to do so until Salindre Forgen finds on something new.

He now wanders Azeroth by himself after mysteriously being exiled from the Flame for unknown reason to him

Friends Anyone against the Flame can be considered an ally
Relatives Sister: Nudra Abiectus
Rivals/ Enemies "The self proclaimed Empress"
Opposite faction attitude Neutral, altho he does not like blackrock orcs very much
Loves A good pint! The blood of hes enemy, Revenge...
Hates The Western Flame
Motivation Revenge
Quotes "I need a pint..." "Revenge is bitter sweet..." "Crying, is a sign of weakness" "Anything that doesnt kill you, can only make you stronger" "Pain, is weakness leaving the body" "Revenge is all that matters to me..."

Agathora's Adventures

Agathora's Adventures

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