Baylian Dawnfury 

Name Baylian
Occupation Knight of the Silver Hand.
Age Young
Race Human
Residence Stormwind
Guild The Shield of Light
Outward Appearance

Green eyes and shoulder length black hair. Though young in looks he has a battleworn look and the aura of a veteran about him, almost as though he has seen and been through much during his short life.




Conceived through an affair, this man is the son of a well known and revered Alliance General. The name of who he has not told many and does not like to disclose.

When it was discovered that Baylian's father, had extended his bloodline, it was feared that Baylian would grow up to become a threat to their cause as his father was previously, thus, he was hunted at birth by his father’s enemies...The Burning Legion. With his father missing, assumed dead and his mother near death after the assassination attempt, he was saved by the intervention of an Elven family. Before her last breath, his mother pleaded that the Elves take and hide him. It was mainly due to the reason that they had recently lost a child of their own to the war at that time, that they honoured the dying woman’s wish.

The only items that were given to the Elves, were a gold ring with his fathers crest embedded within it and a birth document verifying his heritage.

Taken to the Elven lands, he was raised and trained in their ways. By his early teenage years he became a skilled fighter but was often shunned and teased by others because of his race. He even took and Elf as his first love but this was frowned upon by the village elders who ordered the relationship to either end or Baylian be exiled. To avoid being seperated, Baylian and his love fled to find happiness elsewhere. Upon reaching the Elven borders, the young couple turned to take one last look at the land that they had called home but to their horror, they were greeted by the sight of smoke plumes rising from their village.

They rushed back to help to discover that their people had been slain and the village burned to the ground. The agents of the legion had learned of Baylian's still existance and found him once again.

In a fierce battle Baylian and his love succeeded in culling the remaining threat but his love was mortally wounded and died in his arms shortly after.

After burying the dead and mourning by the grave of his love for 3 days without sleep, Baylian was found exhausted, by an Alliance knight who was on a pilgrimage in the area.

Upon hearing his story and sensing the light within him which was passed down through his fathers blood, the knight took Baylian under his tutelage and took him to the Human city of Stormwind where he was immediately inducted into becoming a paladin of the light.

By the age of 22, Baylian had accomplished much in a short amount of time that others more experienced had not in a lifetime. He had completed his paladin training and even became one of the youngest knights to become an Alliance Commander after proving his skills at several battles in Azeroth. His true identity was later discovered by Lord Tirion Fordring who up to this day has kept Baylian’s secret but still keeps a friendly watchful eye over him. For a long while, Baylian denied his lineage, believing that his blood was cursed and that his fathers name had bought nothing but death to all those that he loved but, through Tirion’s continued teachings, support and faith in him, he requested that Baylian found and lead a new age order of knights. After some reluctancy Baylian agreed and ‘The Blades of The Silver Hand’ was born which grew and went on to become ‘The Order of the Silver Hand’. Some time later Baylian left the Order within the hands of his Lieutenants and left Stormwind on a journey of personal discovery. He spent some time serving under his half brother which he discovered he had. However, he did not reveal that they were related. He was not heard from again until the battle of Icecrown Citadel where He returned to aid Tirion and his Argent Crusade in their darkest hour. Successful in assisting with the end of the Lich Kings reign, and now in his late 20’s, Baylian has returned to Stormwind and has offered his skills and experience to ‘The Shield of Light’ where he would like to remain a simple knight protector despite Tirion’s constant badgering that he resume his mantle as a leader and follow in his fathers footsteps. Baylian has simply stated that he is happy where he is but will always be here when needed.

Friends Belauron Mistweaver, Agailia Summer, Eriond and Zeerin Tammerhand are his closest.
Relatives Unknown (Possible half brother)
Rivals/ Enemies None.
Opposite faction attitude Neutral.
Loves His duties as a paladin.
Hates The Burning Legion and any affiliated with them.
Motivation To uphold the ways of The Silver Hand.
Quotes None.

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