Retha Tinsley 

Name Retha
Occupation Founder of The Doughy Juggler, a street bakery
Age Young
Race Human
Residence Eastern Kingdoms
Guild None
Outward Appearance

Retha doesn't hold any eye-catching features - the girl's chubby, short build always covered with stain-rich clothes fitting better for men. On her cheek a scar lets her only give a half-smile to the world.

A raven is often seen sitting on Retha's shoulder, presumably given to her upon a friend's passing.





Having already given birth to twin children, Charles and Aloni were not expecting yet another child to be born. A few years later, it was Retha's time to enter Azeroth; her parents having a challenging job to raise so many children in such rough grounds. As nomads, they couldn't give them a normal childhood - but they surely did their best.

Always changing location, 'home' was such a weird term to “The Tinsley Trio”. They were on the move around the clock, settling in only for a few days before moving on again. But during that time, even at a very young age, they learnt how to survive in the wilderness.

Years passed. Only just having blossomed into adulthood, Retha and her sisters were left in Stormwind by fellow nomads - thinking the girls would have a brighter future in the City if they were to blend in with civilization. A mixed feeling of anger, sadness and yearning overwhelmed Retha: threatening to shatter her bond to the family for good.

However, Retha didn't stay in New Stormwind for more than a few months. During that time, she had settled in the Royal Library. Seeking comfort. Security. Answers to numerous questions.

Little did she know that she would find such solace in the teaching of the Light.

And so Retha travelled – meeting new faces, seeing new places and all the while collecting knowledge of the light. It was on this journey that Retha would find the comfort, security and answers that she had been searching for. It was time to go home. To Stormwind.


Retha returned to Stormwind, refreshed and ready for change. She went about strengthening old bonds, and even made new ones – settling into the Iron Wolves with her sister Krisnda. Despite being happy amongst her friends and companions within the Wolves, Retha yearned to fulfill dream of becoming a Knight. She searched for weeks, if not months, for a mentor – just as she was about to give up, she found someone to step up to the challenge.

The youngest Tinsley has changed a lot since her return to Stormwind. Vowing to battle in the name of the Light, she strives to learn more and make a difference in the war-torn world of today. However, there are plenty of other things that are occupying her along her journey...



Running hither and yon in hope to find her family again, the girl has already ran into trouble, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After many months, no hints were found of the girl's existence, everyone presuming the worst fate had struck her - death.


For everyone's surprise, the girl came back to the Great Human City. But this time, Retha brought shattering news along with her - a brother's death. Devastated, Retha sought out for comfort from a friend still living inside the City Walls.


Rumour has it, the girl has hit the road once again, trying to make a fortune as a street baker.

Friends A restored bond
Relatives Sister: Krisnda, Uncle: Demius, Brother-in-law: Eriq
Rivals/ Enemies "Sir Big Dan", Thomas Miller
Opposite faction attitude Neutral
Loves Baking, ribbons, her little friends
Hates Ghosts, horror stories, steeds
Motivation To become independent, rebuilding the burnt bridge
Quotes "Baking humble pie." "Pfft."

Retha's Adventures

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Retha's Adventures

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Retha's Gallery