Kalistra (Demoncharmer) O'Brandin 

Name Kalistra
Occupation Chronicler, writer, adventurer.
Age About thirty
Race Human
Residence Stormwind - travelling at the moment
Guild O'Brandin
Outward Appearance

Kalistra is a woman of average height and slender frame. Her complexion is fair and she has wavy red hair, light grey eyes. A thin scar runs down her right cheek.




Kalistra O’Brandin is the founder and editor of The Azeroth Portrayer, a publication based in Stormwind and devoted to interviews and occasionally current news.

The rather scarce information about Kalistra’s background reports about her aristocratic origins, the remarkable lack of known relatives and some display of often misguided political ambition.

Possibly the most known fact about her private life is the ‘wedding fiasco’ – a failed attempt on her part to arrange for herself a political marriage with Thisdan Caldaris, back then Commander of the Stormguard.

As of late she has led a quite retired life, and rarely visited her beloved city Stormwind apart from quick business reasons.

She also has been recently spotted in Darkshire, where lives an old friend and mentor of her, Madame Eva.

Friends Balen Hiero Slidemoon The Snap Sisters
Relatives None known.
Rivals/ Enemies Nath The Defias Brotherhood and on a lesser extent Kilroy
Opposite faction attitude Wary/hostile.
Loves Diplomacy and politics. Stormwind at dusk. All forms of arts. Many jewels and luxury goods. Just one man.
Hates Self-righteousness, petty behaviour. Being treated like a fool. Cowardice
Motivation To receive respect and consideration from the people, if not their love.
Quotes "I only speak the Truth." "I always think ahead." "Never one of the many."

Kalistra's Adventures

Kalistra's Adventures

Kalistra's Gallery

Kalistra's Gallery