The Silver Gauntlet

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Founding date November 2010
Goal A subdivision of the Argent Crusade devoted to eradicating evil from Azeroth.
Main area of operations Wherever true evil must be fought and innocent must be helped.
Faction Horde
Opposite faction attitude Friendly
Friends/Allies House of SharTal, The Kirin Sin, House Flamestar, Mardenholde Dawn, House of Silvermist
Rivals/Enemies The Sanguine Eye, The Office of Allegiance, Vestige of Catan, Arathi Honour Guard
Guild status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s) Myllona Vinith


General information

The Silver Gauntlet is a subdivision of the Argent Crusade, focused on recruiting races of the Horde to fight under the banner of the Crusade. Our characters intend to bring an end to any evil that plagues Azeroth. This means we don't just fight the Scourge but also Twilight Cultists and other various evil-doers and nasties. The Gauntlet is open to every race of the Horde, but Warlocks are not accepted among the ranks.


Guild style and offers

- Argent Crusade RP set mostly in the Plaguelands.
Though we do have events which bring us outside of Argent lands, most of our time is spend within the confinds of Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands.
- A 'serious' style of RP.
This term is of course dangerous to use in a world like Azeroth, which is filled with magisters and other odd things. Though we do like to have our goofy moments in the guild, we always use common sense in our actions. All our characters are of flesh and blood (well, 'mostly' *points at Undead*) and act like it. As such, they don't take unnecessary risks, treat their superiors with respect and don't act like super-heroes.

Showing 'unwanted' IC behaviour after joining will result in IC warnings. If you, the player, doesn't want to change the behaviour this will ultimately result in an In Character kick which may or may not extend to an Out of Character kick. This could come over as harsh but we like to keep our current mature standards.
- Weekly events and event notifications.
We try to at least have one meeting type event each week though we usually have some sort of adventure event at the end of the week. Event notifications (along with an ingame chat and friendslist) are avaliable through the ingame calendar.
- Instances and Guild Perks
The Silver Gauntlet is currently a Level 25 guild. Although we are mainly an RP guild, we don't fluff about the whole day. We are quite serious in gearing up our characters through instances and PvP as well as a fondness for retro raids. We currently don't have the manpower or experience for current tier raids.

The Ranking System

Every member is relatively equal both In Character and Out of Character during non-combat situation. Especially Out of Character we are very laid back in the way we talk to each other and every member is respected equally. However, we do have a ranking system for combat situations with recruits, standard members, officers and finally the Commander at the top. Especially In Character, members are expected to follow the commands of their superiors. Failing to do so might result in an IC demotion. If your character continues to be disrespectful and rebellious, an IC or OOC kick might occur depending on the severity of the issue. The ranks currently in place are listed below.


Aspirant and Recruit image

The Aspirant and Recruit

An Aspirant is a new member to The Silver Gauntlet and the Argent Crusade. For most members, Aspirant is the rank at which one starts. This rank mostly comes with a trial period of two weeks where we investigate if you (the player and the character) fit in nicely within The Silver Gauntlet.

If the Aspirant follows the rules and order, he or she is promoted to the rank of Recruit following the two week trial period. A Recruit is expected to proof his or her combat skills before being promoted to one of standard member ranks.





Earthsworn, Evoker, Landstalker and Crusader

Standard ranks image

After a Recruit has proven him or herself to be capable of fighting, following orders without question and is generally a nice person Out of Character as well, a promotion takes place to one of the standard ranks. These standard ranks can be seen as the various divisions and/or professions one can find within The Silver Gauntlet. Typically, a Shamanistic characters is promoted to Earthsworn, a Priestess or Mage to Evoker, a Rogue or Hunter to Landstalker and finally a Warrior, Death Knight and Paladin to Crusader. All of these standard ranks are equal.


Champion image

If either an Earthsworn, Evoker, Landstalker or Crusader shows exceptional skill while carying out his or her duties, the superior members can decide to give this character a sub-officer rank. A champion is expected to lead the other Crusaders should the Lieutenants or Commander be absent. Mostly, a Champion is also granted the command over two or three lower ranking colleagues. Its the responsibility of the Champion to train these colleagues into the finer arts of combat, the Light or tenants of the Argent Crusade.

The Champion rank is often given to members who show promiss into becoming future officers. For example, a Crusader, Earthsworn, Evoker or Landstalker can organise an event together with one of the officers or the Commander. Should the event be a great succes, this is usually a trigger for the officers and Commander to sit around and discuss a promotion for the person in question. Members of the guild who have also shown dedication by supporting officers, giving the guild a good reputation or just long-standing and well-behaving members are also often promoted to the rank of Champion.

Champions are also able to recruit new members into The Silver Gauntlet.


If a Champion shows exceptional leadership skills, both IC and OOC, the officers and the Commander can decide to promote that person to the rank of Lieutenant. Note though that there can't be too many of these high-ranking characters in the guild. We usually try to keep an absolute maximum of three Lieutenants at a time. This to avoid having too many high ranking members and not enough standard or lower ranking members.

Lieutenants (along with the Champions and Commander) are able to recruit members into The Silver Gauntlet.

Commander image


Within the Argent Crusade, Commanders are the persons who lead a division for the greater organisation. The Silver Gauntlet is one of these divisions and as such, a Commander stands at the top.

A Commander has all the available privileges which can be granted within the Crusade and commands its Lieutenants who are tied to the division. With the aid of the Lieutenants, the Commander follows the orders given from the senior leadership of the Crusade as well as Highlord Tirion Fordring.

Previous Commanders since the Division's founding

Myllona Silverbreeze. Current Commander.

Rayy Garner

Neewy Faerilthalas

Anastre Sunrise

Eyil Dawnblade



For members who wish to level their Alt characters with the benefit of our guild perks, we also have an Alt/OOC rank in place. To be eligible for having an alt in the guild you must first become an IC member of The Silver Gauntlet. Once signed up, you're allowed to have as much alts in the guild as you like. Within reason of course.

Players whose characters who have left the The Silver Gauntlet ICly are free to stay within the guild as OOC members. This is only allowed of course if you, the player, have not shown disrespectful OOC behaviour while leaving The Silver Gauntlet with the character in question.


Rules and Requirements:

  • A decent level of English.
  • Mature behaviour, In Character and Out of Character. Failure to do so could result in both an IC and OOC kick. Constant rebellious attitudes are NOT appreciated and might result in an IC or OOC kick depending on the severity of the issue.
  • At least level 35 (due to our RP in Hearthglen, anything below will get killed by critters).
  • Willing to RP an Argent Crusader with a serious mindset, respecting the teachings of the Light.
  • Follow all orders given by higher-ups, both in-character and out-of-character.
  • Respect other people out-of-character, i.e. no racism, no homophobia, no sexism.
  • Represent the guild positively.
  • Arrive at events in clothing which represents the Argent Crusade and your rank (silvery, white clothing or otherwise defined in the pictures above along with the guild- or Argent Crusade tabard. There is no set uniform in order to stimulate creativity. Do note though that we don't like to see Recruits with 'flashy' and 'Over-the-top' equipment).


Miscellaneous Information

The "Alt" Policy

Once you joined the guild and been a member for around a week, you're allowed to bring alts into the guild and thus benefit from our guild perks. The Alt will recieve a special "Alt" rank for everyone to indicate the character isn't a part of The Silver Gauntlet In Character. Ofcourse, if you later decide to bring the Alt into The Silver Gauntlet ICly, the character will be promoted to an IC rank.



AnduleAnduleBlood elf
AshtheronAsh'Theron Malderus Haeltar, "Pyro"Blood elf
DaeneDaene SolarhomeBlood elf
ElaynneElaynne Thanaria SunstrikerBlood elf
ElleneaElle'nea StarbreezeBlood elf
GengchongGeng ChongPandaren
GrolGrol Marogarr Thunderfury, son of TorrekOrc
GroshakGroshak HelmbreakerOrc
HinnRanger Hinnalia "Hinn" HawkeyeBlood elf
IznuArchmage Iznu'Fane 'Izzy' Sho'RalBlood elf
KavathianLord Kavathian SunriseBlood elf
KeelañKeelañ Lin'DelaBlood elf
LamiyaLamiya Sunfall De'alariBlood elf
McarthyElizabeth "Elly" McarthyUndead
MortecaiMortecai WilliamsUndead
MyllonaMyllona SilverbreezeBlood elf
NathelianNathelian SunstrikerBlood elf
NeewyNeewy "Bloodrose" Athena FaerilthalasBlood elf
NehaloElder Druid Nehalo MistrunnerTauren
OrnatheOrnathe SunseerBlood elf
ReznixReznix BoltsprocketGoblin
RhomgarianCrusader Rhomgarian GoldwingBlood elf
SanariSanari WhiteleafBlood elf
SélasathSélasath "Selly"Blood elf
SerrissaSerrissa DawnbladeBlood elf
ShreyaShreya LonehowlOrc
SigurdCaldwellSigurd CaldwellUndead
VaianceCrusader Vaiance Darzain LightreaverBlood elf
VaintiaMagus Idarion Sunweaver.Blood elf
VanariaLumina WhiteleafBlood elf
VinithDoctor Vinith PurebrewUndead
VivekaLady Viveka BlackwoodUndead
ZennalZen'nal GnawtustTroll

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