Azeroth Survivor Wk. 4: Who do we ditch next? Blood Elves have been evicted from Azeroth, can we truly have an elf free world?

Humans - They just don't taste enough like chicken.
23% (87 votes)
Forsaken - Have to worry about the safety of your brainsss.
16% (59 votes)
Orcs - That Blood and Thunder stuff gets real old fast!
27% (100 votes)
Tauren - Where's the beef?
5% (19 votes)
Gnomes - So small no one would even notice they weren't there.
19% (73 votes)
Dwarfs - Once gone their stocks of beer are ours!
2% (7 votes)
Trolls - Take em! I prefer my head on my shoulders and unshrunk.
8% (31 votes)
Total votes: 376