Tyrolen Des Amonditore' Strongheart 

Name Tyrolen
Occupation Master Knight of The Silver Hand, Oresmith
Age 26
Race Human
Residence Ironforge
Guild N/A
Outward Appearance

Standing tall and broad, he is as striking as the power he wields. With each muscle toned to near perfection, his striking body is perhaps only overshadowed by his kind and tempermental personality. Whenever seen in the street, he will always give a smile and a nod and it goes without saying, you are hard-pressed to find a nicer man in Stormwind.

If one looks close enough, they will observe he has green eyes and near perfect teeth, making a direct smile with this man either pleasant or alluring

When he speaks, he speaks clearly, somewhat slowly and almost always has his arms folded casually when he speaks. He very rarely, if ever, raises his voice but is known to shout with awe-inspiring power when on the battle-field.



Tyrolen was born to Mariam and Arnold Strongarm and lived a full and happy life, deep into his teens when he would meet his first love interest, Leanna. His first tragedy would take the form of a pack of starving wolves that raided his family farm that after ripping apart his father who tried to defend the farm, slaughtered his mother who tried to run for help. With this he gave himself to Leanna fully, and married her many years later whilst he trained as a Paladin.

The birth of his first daughter, Michaela, was marked quickly by tragedy once more as travelling bandits ransacked his house and set it ablaze, leaving Tyro trapped and broken and his wife and newborn daughter to die in the overwhelming blaze.

After this he spent many years in a depression, until the Church gave him faith once more and he took to defending others from the atrocities that befell him, training his body to its peek and travelling the Kingdom in search of those who need aid. His sword was a gift from a family, who he saved from a fate much like the one that befell him.

Now he is a Knight of The Silver Hand. A man of faith and power who smites out the Unholy with great prejudice. However is greatest mission is to gain the trust of a certain girl very close to his heart.

After the Icecrown Wars where he was on the front line, he returned to what he hoped would be the start of his quiet life. But, to no avail as the Cataclysm shook the world, and his life. With a sword in hand and a new knowledge of his power, he now seeks to serve his people as a kingdom once more.

Friends Tyro seems to have found a friend in Elledus, but aside from that he gets on with many.
Relatives Tyrolen is Widowed and Orphaned.
Rivals/ Enemies
Opposite faction attitude Neutral. Out of Respect and Compassion for their innocents, only the soldiers that threaten his people must die.
Loves A fresh apple, a sword in his hand and a forge at his feet, and theres a certain girl who has held a strong place in Tyrolens heart.
Hates Hate does not show compassion.
Motivation He aims to help whomever he can, whatever walk of life they take, and find love again.
Quotes "Respect, Compassion, Tenacity, they are how I live my life"

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