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Feranos "Sheriff Dogface" Nottheim 

Name Feranos
Occupation Hunter, Loreseeker, Author
Age Young
Race Worgen
Residence Stormwind/Wanderer
Guild Twilight Hammer
Outward Appearance

Human: As a human, Feranos is fairly average; most would not be able to pick him out from a crowd. His face does bear a few traits though, such a particularly hooked nose and a small scar along his upper lip, and a copper earring in his left ear. His eyes are the color of amber, and his general attitude seems to be that of a carefree soul. He has dark hair, intermingled with a few gray strands, evidence of a stressful life. He usually ties his long hair into a ponytail, and his beard is more often that not neat and well-trimmed.

Worgen: As a worgen, Feranos stands nearly a head taller than his human form. His fur is a shade of light grey, whilst his hair lengthens and goes into the iconic worgen mane and remains as dark as that of his human shape with a few white streaks mingled in. His eyes lose their amber color and turn into blood-red orbs, while his mouth elongates into a maw filled with sharp fangs, and he gains an inherent growling method of speech.



Feranos Nottheim was a young lad when the Greymane wall was finished, his upbringing managed by three individuals: his mother, a crippled and retired actress, who taught him respect and how to properly act. His father, a poacher who taught him the art of both bows and firearms, of trapping and hunting, and of making friends where you usually had none. And his uncle, a veteran from the Second War who taught him how to actually -fight- for what he believed in.

Nottheim is not eager to divulge information on his past, but when pressed, he would reveal that his father died many years before the fall of Gilneas, and that he was hard-pressed to take care of both his crippled mother and his aging uncle. Trapping, poaching and mercenary work on behalf of rivalling nobles proved to be the sole reason for their survival for many years.

When Feranos became cursed with the worgen condition, he became accustomed very easily to his new shape, and exploits it fully; indeed, it is rather rare for anyone to see Feranos as a human these days, even though he boasts of having full control of his so-called "curse".

When asked directly about the fall of Gilneas, Feranos is tight-lipped, saying only that everyone in his family that still mattered got out and are now safe in the elven capital of Darnassus.

Feranos seems to be in the habit of being underestimated and overestimated equally; some believe him to be a simple beast barely being held back by a leash, while others believe it all to be a ruse for some highly talented and sophisticated meddler, biding his time. The truth is far less interesting; he has no grand plans or schemes but he is no fool; he can be quite innovative and he holds a lot of experience under his belt despite his young age. He is a simple man, with simple dreams, hopes and desires.

But none can deny he has a dark side to his personality; he can be crude, rude and unforgiving, and he always remembers a grudge until it is paid back in full. That said, giving him a good chase or hunt, a glass filled to the brim with whiskey, or the suggestion of a "good time" will easily calm his temper and make him much more amiable. He has trouble saying no to beautiful women, and a few sweet words and a slight swaying of the hips will easily get his tongue wagging, much to the amusement of his peers.

When it comes to fighting, Feranos Nottheim is a resource best used from afar; with his beasts, traps, bow and rifle he can wreak havoc among enemy lines from a safe distance, and though it is not his field of specialty he can hold his own in a melee for a short time with knives, swords or a spear. But it is indeed Feranos' seemingly natural charm among beasts that has earned him so many friends. Animals seem to be naturally attracted to him, and it does not take long for Feranos to quickly tame even hostile beasts relatively quickly.

It is not easy to earn Feranos' respect, but those that do earn a loyal and erstwhile companion willing to risk his life for their sake and look out for them, whether they like it or not. One invidivual amongst a select few who have gained this dubious honor stands out; Professor Thadeus Bjornsson, also known to some in the circles of the Twilight Hammer as the mad Prophet Innatus. Thadeus gave Nottheim a reason to exist, a place to belong. For all he's done, it's likely that as long as the Professor lives, Feranos will fight for his cause.

Friends Anariala, Tratius, Innatus and his other fellow Loreseekers.
Relatives His mother and his uncle.
Rivals/ Enemies Rival: Tratius / Enemies: All who openly oppose the Cult.
Opposite faction attitude Neutral
Loves His friends and family, animals, women, exploration and adventure.
Hates Pain, death of friends and family, warlocks, uppity nobles, heretics.
Motivation To explore and experience everything in the world. And then destroy/remake it.
Quotes "Simmer down." "God-spit!" "Hrrrm."

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Feranos's Adventures

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