Kulrog Shadowsvoice 

Name Kulrog
Occupation High Warlock, Pyremancer, Necromancer, etc etc etc
Age 89
Race Orc
Residence Hellfire Citadel
Guild Horde of Felcleaver
Outward Appearance

Kulrog was not a good looking orc when young, neither was he ugly in any way, his age can be seen in his face and body, he is bend over when walking and his neck in hurt so many times that he looks down on the ground when he walks.

Under the battle of Stormwind he got the scar that goes from the top of his left eye to the right part of his chin, the scar have hurt his left eye where there is a scar on the face aswell on the eye, tho the eye is bigger then the right, something is in there.

He got muscles which is not used in alot of years with small scars from lucky hits from humans or rocks from climbing mountains.

He got burning red eyes which, when looked on, looks right in your soul and seeming like seeing all your secrets and thoughts, even those you did not know you had.

Under his neck is a small scar looking as if being cut over before, but saved in the last minute.

He got most of his hair bound together in a long warrior-tail as he calls it, running down to the middle of his back, his beard, to honor two factions, demons and orc, is just as long in each side and is placed down to hit his chest, showing honor and respect.


Kulrog is an old orc, thinking that the only way to live is by the masters who once, but not of his way of thinking, betrayed them, he wishes long life to those who is seeing what he sees, and does short work with those who does not.

He is feluser and therefore think ways of war, he wants to see the world burn and does not shut up about it.

As a former Blademaster he is sometimes unpatient about things and would like to get it ended fast.



As a young orcling Kulrog started his life in Shadowmoon valley long before the clans was gathered by Ner'zhul, the chieftains son at the time, he, as many others in the Shadowmoon clan, was a healthy young and rough orc who wanted to become Blademaster in the fights against beasts and ogres, if not on the same time both.

He, when becoming elder in age, followed his new chieftain, Ner'zhul, in becoming Shaman and later Far Seer, showing great powers and mind in battles and just in rituals with his fellow clan members, untill the day where Ner'zhul had his dream, given by Kil'jeaden, the Eredar and Archdemon.

When Ner'zhul had his dream/vision, Gul'dan, his appreantist, took use of this and asked the greatest shamans in the clan, Kulrog one of them, to join him in becoming powerfull sorceres called Warlocks.

Kulrog followed in the gatherings of the clans and in the drinking of demon blood, showing powers as necromancer, warlock, pyremancer, necrolyte and regular fighter, he soon joined the Shadowcult and helped Cho'gall's clan, Twilights Hammer, under manny events of war, even when after the Dark Portal was made.

Kulrog was one of the first orc Warlocks walking on Eastern Kingdoms, and one of the first to lead an assault on a town of Stormwind's kingdom, giving victory as commanding officer on the assault of Redridge, he was honoured not only by Blackhand, but also by his teacher and mentor, Gul'dan.

Under the first attack on Stormwind, Kulrog had grabbed a sword, as his magic could not be used against the mages of Stormwind's shields, and charged the heart of battle, being hit in the face by a captain, killing him after, and pulled out of battle, afraid that he would die, yet the sword stopped at the skull, giving only wounds at the flesh and giving damadge to his left eyes, letting a small crystal in instead, not visible as anything but a eye.

After the second, and last, assault on Stormwind, he followed the Horde all the way to Lordaeron, but instead of helping the forces of the new warchief, Doomhammer, he took with Gul'dans ships to Tomb of Sargeras, yet seeing as his fellow warlocks was slaughtered by either the demons defending the tomb, or the orcs send by Orgrim Doomhammer, lead by Maim and Rend Blackhand, he fast slaughtered one of the young orcs lead by the Blackhand brothers, and put on his clothings, falling in the crowd in slaughtering his warlock friends.

When the horde lost, war after war, and Grim Batol fell, Kulrog was captured in Hammerfall where he looked on his fellow orcs in disgust and waited for the day his burning masters would come to his aid, but they dint, even after waiting in years he still talked to himself, looking inside the soldiers houses with his crystal eye, hoping to see any sign of demons, hearing for rumors each day, but the only thing he heard was of the tame orc, named slave, freeing himself from the master of the camps.

When Doomhammer died under the assoult on Hammerfall, Kulrog was one of the only orcs not crying, but rather cheering inside his mind, smiling wide as he heard the orcs cry of anger, yet, he looked himself with anger on the orc named, Slave, seeing as he was worse then the former traitor and warchief, Doomhammer.

Kulrog did not join the boats to Kalimdor with the rest of the horde, he moves in to the dwarven and later human lands to find some who could help him, moveing to the Dark Portal, at the time before its second opening, hoping that Gul'dan would step out with the true orcs, Zuluhed, Bladefist and Ner'zhul, seeing that they werent dead but given greater life.

And someone did show himself, followed by demons and with horns showed a dark shadow himself to Kulrog, looking down with narrowed eyes on the orc, who just looked up on him as if he was of god caliber, the half demon saw potential in the orc, giving him promision to live and even serve him and learn from him, giving his name as The Dark Light, Savior of the horde.

When Kulrog returned to Orgrimmar he was starting to find people, none of which he could use so far, so he went to other horde capitals, while being in Silvermoon, he meet the young Tradok Felcleaver who was interested in what Kulrog had to say, after a talk with the young orc, Kulrog send a message to The Dark Light and settled a meeting in Durotar with the two, Kulrog knows not much of what happends, but he knew he was right, when Tradok came back, he was now warchief of the new horde, and brining a young shaman, who should be of good use, possibly, as a student...?


Kulrog is ment to have a daughter, Mok'nathal daughter, meaning that if he had or not, he would not be proude of it since he is a warlock, Mok'nathal hostility burns deep inside of him, if it is true she could be a threat, or a plus to Kulrog and the Felhorde.

Friends The Great Warchief!
Relatives Some say that he has a daughter, this is unknown if it is true.
Rivals/ Enemies Unknown
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Loves The Dark Light
Hates Certain aliens... Multiple druid-scums... Idiotic peons!
Motivation To slaughter...
Quotes "The Dark Light is eternal!"

Kulrog's Adventures

Kulrog's Adventures

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Kulrog's Gallery