Stormwind Home Guard

Founding date 2011
Goal The preservation of the kingdom of Stormwind.
Main area of operations Kingdom of Stormwind, Headquartered at Westbrook.
Faction Alliance
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Friends/Allies Stormwind City Watch,The Shield of Light, High Court of Chancery, Stormwind Infantry
Rivals/Enemies Twilight Hammer, The Undermarket, Nath, Bane, Gutter Runners
Guild status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s) Beornwald, Eragorn, Wickstrom


**************************** Official Motto: ************************

"Together We Stand"


*************************** Unofficial Motto's: ********************

"Who needs walls?"

"Saving the best for last."


*************************** Unofficial Sayings: *******************

"Let a Guardsman stand alone, he'll draw blood before he falls. Give a dozen Guardsmen common purpose, they'll give pause to an army."

"Trust not in yourself, but in the brother next to you."

Founding and goals

The Home Guard Company was founded prior to the sacking of Stormwind in the first war, much of its history was lost in that event and the company itself has not seen active service since that terrible day..until now.

After much concerted effort on the behalf of Stormwinds law enforcement, military and nobility. His Majesties Home Guard Company is once more entering service in the homeland where it works diligently to fullfill the traditional role of keeping Stormwind and her people safe, secure and properous.

Principles and practice

The Home Guard operates under traditional doctrines of the old kingdom and as such its guardsmen are expected to live up to a high standard of excellence, the main doctrines are as follows:

Any Guardsman is expected to treat all encounters with respect whether it be showing the proper manners to the public and nobility or respecting the threat an enemy represents.

Understanding of the people we protect is vital when serving on the home front, all Guardsmen are expected to be able to communicate understanding and reassurance to members of the public where neccesary.

It falls upon those serving within the company to come to their posts on time and in the proper manner, showing dedication to the role they have been given and to the companies success.

Having a strong sense of duty and an understanding of the importance of ones role and of the company at large is important for any serving Guardsman.


Uniform is an important aspect of soldiering, something to take pride in. The state of a soldiers uniform reflects the state of the soldier. Those who pass selection will receive two uniforms, a dress uniform for general use and ceremonies along with a specialised combat uniform.

Dress uniform is pictured below, blue represents NCO's and Officers while grey is for regular soldiers of the Company.

NCO/Officer Dress Uniform

Regular Dress Uniform



Ranks and structure

The Home Guard is structured militarily though those that serve among it's ranks arguably have to have a higher level of self-discipline than other companies due to the work they have to do, as such the roles and ranks under which the company operate are more diverse in action than comparable positions in other companies.


Whether you're applying to be a blacksmith, seeking a contract or wishing to become a serving Guardsman - everyone starts off as an applicant.


A recruit is someone whose managed to pass the interview and selection process, going on to receive on-the-job training and drilling until his or her superiors deem them either unfit or ready for the full Guardsman position.



This covers a variety of positions within the Guard, generally civilians are contracted by the company to perform tasks outside of the range of skills and abilities of serving Guardsmen including smith work, supply contracting and even healers.


A Guardsman is someone who has passed all the tests to gain full acceptance in the company, as such they are representative of the company as a whole.

A Guardsman is typically a strong warrior, capable with sword and shield and working with his or her fellow Guardsmen to overcome any situation they may face, but violence is not their only skill.

As per the code of conduct Guardsmen are expected to be able to see most domestic situations through with diplomacy first and foremost, they are expected to be diligent and professional at all times. They fulfil a demanding role doubling as both enforcers where needed and soldiers.



Equivalent to the Guardsman in the chain of command, a Specialist has undergone similar trials and tests in order to attain his or her full acceptance into the company.

Specialists are considered a support element of the Home Guard, fullfilling various roles in whatever specialist section they occupy, from mages to riflemen and scouts.

Just like the Guardsman, they are expected to perform the same domestic duties and retain the same levels of discipline and dutifullness.


Lance Corporal:

A Lance corporal is a Guardsman who has been chosen and initiated into NCO training, they rarely have any reason to command, but are allowed opportunities to prove their ability.



The rank of Corporal is the next step up for an NCO in training, Corporals are tasked with supervising smaller units of Guardsmen which allows them the chance to further prove their leadership ability.



Sergeant's are the backbone of the company, working as NCO's (Non-commissioned officers) depending upon which specific station they hold they can work to lead squad's and patrols, drill men into readiness and keep discipline and morale up aswell as advising officers.


Commissioned ranks:

Those who move beyond the highest non-commissioned ranks may find themselves receiving a commission and becoming an officer in the Company. This brings many new responsibilities and expectations, as well as priviledges.


Lieutenants are commissioned officers of the company tasked with various responsibilities, from leading larger detachments of men in the field to overseeing NCO's and keeping records on everything that goes on that may be passed up or down the chain of command as needed.


Generally responsible for the day to day running of the company, the captain has authority and responsibility over all those below him and must work to keep the company operating smoothly and efficiently.




Lord Commander:

The Lord Commander is mainly responsible for securing funding for the company and diplomatic endeavours of the highest nature, aswell as signing requisition forms with contracted suppliers and generally delegating efficiently as needed.


"His Majesty has an abiding faith in the strength of the people of Azeroth and the thickness of the walls of Stormwind. It doesn’t hurt that he also has good people who take care of things when he’s wrong." - Anduin Lothar


How to join the Guard?
You can join by either sending us a written application, coming to the City Hall where interviews are conducted during quiet working hours or finding us during the occasional recruitment run in the City Hall.

If your application is accepted you'll be invited to an interview either on the spot or at a later time, passing that you may be invited to a selection with other applicants before being accepted in should you pass that.

Caught in the act


AasharAashar BrightheartHuman
ArathenArathen Human
AshechrayKenric WhitleyHuman
AtherranGuardsman Atherran ThaedanHuman
BaleriusAlizarus BaleriusHuman
BalthosarthBalthosarth DarkshireHuman
BellnaraLights Crusader Bellnara FarrenholtHuman
CederickCederick Olvier JuniorHuman
DelranaDelrana "Flametongue" McAdams.Human
EllouisaEllouisa Vaighan.Human
ErickErick McCaneHuman
GillyGilly HarrowDwarf
HydarianHydarian NorthwoodHuman
IlreasIlreas the BrownHuman
KènSergeant Kèn Talenglade Human
LerisLeris GaidinHuman
LysarnaLysarna OslowHuman
QerardQerard YoungWorgen
TeiyaJesse "Teiya" ReynoldsHuman
ThelusThelus Jonathan KaineHuman
WickstromArthur WickstromHuman

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