Abinera Clarkson 

Name Abinera
Occupation Man at Arms in the Bayerleyn Retinue, Paladin
Age 28
Race Human
Residence Stormwind
Guild Bayerleyn Retinue
Outward Appearance

Abinera is a quite Normal looking woman, she has blue eyes that seems rather calm and soothing. She always has a smile on her lips, Her hair is light/dark brown, and going down her back neck. She is quite Avergae body build as any woman else for here plate wearing, She always seems to have a Libram hanging from a chain from her right shoulder down to her left waist side. She has an aura around her, that seem calm and warm.



Friends Haven't met any friends yet
Relatives Father: Dead, Mother: Dead, Brother: Unknown.
Rivals/ Enemies Horde,Scourge,Twilight cult.
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Loves Quiet places, Moonberry juice. Reading books, Helping the needed, white roses.
Hates Disrespect, Rudeness, Thugs, Humiliation. Evil in all it's forms.
Motivation Help the needed, sick and lonely people in life. Learn her truth destiny.
Quotes "The light is my shield and sword. It shall vanquish the evil and let the world see the light!", "Talk too the people. Make them see the light."

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