Can't edit background/outward appearance + Can't register, name taken

Can't edit the outward appearance or background of your character, or has your character's name already been taken? Read on to see what you can do!


Are you having trouble editting the background or outward appearance of your character?

If you are having trouble editting your background or your outward appearance, it is likely because you are using Internet Explorer. For reasons beyond my own comprehension, the AA doesn't do too well with Internet Explorer.

This can be solved rather easily by using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as an internet browser! 

Sorry for the inconvenience, we try to resolve most problems with the AA as fast as possible, but we're all very occupied IRL.



Name taken?



Having trouble registering because your name is taken? Read how to deal with this issue in todays update.

We get a lot of these messages these days, so here's some clarification:

When you register a name it usually goes through (even if you get a 500 error or similar). To see if it was registered, just do a Search and see if the name is there. If it is and the profile is empty, it probably means that your name is now awaiting activation. Check the date of the profile. If it is the same day as you registered, it's your profile waiting to be activated. This usually happens within 48 hours or less. Wait and look in your spamfolder for the email with your password. 

If you get a "That name is already taken" message, do the same; Do a search. Was the name registered within a few minutes ago? That means you are registered. Wait for the password. Check your spamfolder. 

If you get a "That name is already taken" taken message, you do a search and: "OMG! Someone has already taken your name and the profile is full of stuff!", do not despair. This either means that A) Someone used to have the same name but have now changed it to something else, B) Someone has a variation of your name (Say your name is Míchaels, but the profile for Michaels is already there), C) Someone is using the wrong name on the AA (Eg: Someone is named Jeffrey Michaels in character, but since Jeffrey was taken by another character, they registered as Michaels, and thus took your rightful spot), or D)Someone is trolling you with a fake profile. 

D almost never occurs. C, B and A does. All the time. Don't despair. Send us an email and describe what's going on and supply us with your characters full name ("Míchaels McAwesome" for example). Please include links to the profiles you describe! This speed things up! We will create a profile for you somehow. 

Please remember that the AA system only understands one version of each name. That's why Míchaels cannot exist simultaneously as Michaels. So if you're creating a new character; consider not using special characters. You'll save us and yourself lots of trouble!