Content & Conduct!

The AA team has been hard at work to clean up the site, but we need your help!

Lately there has been a lot of inappropriate content posted to the site. The AA would like to give a friendly reminder to its users that content which could be deemed sexual, excessively violent or offensive is not what the AA was created for! Posting such content could result in your page being unpublished until the offending content is removed, or your account being banned. We don't want to do that, so please don't post it!

In addition, it has come to our attention that certain other communities and websites have been trawling the AA for profiles to publicly mock and rant about. This is strictly NOT what the AA is to be used for, and steps have been taken to prevent it. Users found to be engaging in these activities will have their access to the site indefinitely blocked.

Repeatedly refreshing guild/user profiles, or editing guild profiles repeatedly so that they remain in the 'Updated Guilds' window is also not permitted as it harms the function of the site for other users in a number of ways. It may be tempting, but please don't do it!

Breaches of any of these rules can be reported to contact(at)argentarchives . org, or directly to mgurk(at)argentarchives . org. (Make sure to replace (at) with @!)
We will also be implementing a 'Report' function shortly, which will send an automated message to the administration team.

Once again, we don't even want to be giving these warnings! Please work with us on this, and help make the AA the positive, useful and friendly resource that it should be. =)