Abighael E. Crowley 

Name Abighael
Occupation Medic
Age Young Adult
Race Worgen
Residence Forests of Northrend
Guild Northern Watch
Outward Appearance


Worgen: Abighael stands 2.06 meters tall, towering over other races, but a little short by worgen standards. Her pitch black fur is cleanly groomed, with her mane tumbling in thick black strands. Her green eyes glow in the light, keenly aware of their surroundings.


Human: Abby is rather short in her human form as well, just over 1.6 meters tall. She is slender and fit, light on her feet. Her jet black hair falls flatly to her shoulders, and passes them slightly. Her eyes are a gentle green, and a small smile is usually on her lips.


In both forms her black leather armor is stretched tightly against her skin with straps. She doesn't carry a weapon of any kind, but she can occasionaly be seen playing with small tendrils of green energy in her hands.




Friends Edrimh Walthsire
Relatives None
Rivals/ Enemies None
Opposite faction attitude Hostile
Quotes "I do what is expected of me, with what I am given. Nothing more, nothing less."

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