30-01-14 [X]Khazot

Hello adventurer! Are you looking for a decent trader, with a reliable cache of inventory? Then look no further than Addaris Enterprises, your one stop shop for magical and mundane needs! These items have been hand picked by the man himself and put through various stress tests, so no chance of failure is possible! (We do not accept responsibility upon item failure, as we are not the original creators).


If you need more information, seek out Addaris in Stormwind, the Cathedral Square.


17-01-14 [X]Rakhart

To all people of all lawful ideologies, to all labourers and farmers, to all students and workers, to all races and all genders, to all ages from all regions...to all people with a heart, a mind and thoughts that keep them alive, to all comrades of the Grand Alliance:







Together let us shatter the chains of division, break the bonds of submission and usher the mentality of tomorrow.


7-01-14 [X]Hrothgárr

An human male named Lessard is missing from his home in Lakeshire.

Hes svarage height wear cacual clothing and carries an mail/letter bag with him at all time, he is "white" with brown gotie but no hair.

Last seen at home by hif fiance fist day after Wintersveil day.

He is hgihly missed and does not normaly travle without giving eny note to his beloved.

If eny information about his wereabouts of what have happened to him please conact Washia Weaver as fast as possebil, she be in Stormwind looking for her beloved.

5-01-14 [X]Washira

[These publications briefly grow prominent in the Glades of Tirisfal, with some sparse copies finding their way as far as Arathi and the Eastern Plaguelands]


2-01-14 [X]Perroy

30-12-13 [X]Erindielle

To all foes of fel and unholy magic!

In a time of war and devastation, of desolation and confusion, the enemies of the mortal races find ways to sink their corruptive claws into our great societies.
While wars are waged on many fronts, their internal conflicts must be solved by those whose lives are mainly within society's borders.

28-12-13 [X]Zathael

To the people of the Alliance and allies of the Alliance.


22-12-13 [X]Darilyn

[These notices briefly grow prominent around the Argent Crusade's holdings in the Plaguelands, the ink still damp from scribing]


Let it be known that Scout Pretta Nimblespark and Initiate Jurooji of the Darkspear, both of the Argent Crusade's blessed ranks, have given their lives for our great struggle to destroy the Enemy of All Life once and for all. A roving pack of ghouls is said to have fallen upon them during an unscheduled patrol of woodlands - and for all their valor, the cowardly ambush was the end of them.


19-12-13 [X]Perroy



For OOC contact:

Guild profile - http://www.argentarchives.org/node/143859


18-12-13 [X]Gorruk

Hello there, beautiful people of Azeroth!

We Freelancers are currently searching for beautiful Elves (be they born by blood or night!) and a suitably rotund Pandaren!

Requirements: Able to feel comfortable in the standard Winter's Veil clothing, enjoy snow and dancing, and to be available at least one day between the 21st and the 28th!

We offer a pay of 5 coins of pure gold for each day!


~Kurenar Silverstrike, Adjunct of the Freelancers

12-12-13 [X]Kurenar

The Demon Huntress known as 'Madriethiel' is Wanted by the Cenarion Circle for the following crimes:

  • Attempted murder on Keeper Aseldar Moonshadow.
  • Spouting false accusations of 'Traitor of Elune' and in those lines at said Keeper.

The crimes have been witnessed by the following Cenarion Circle members: Antrelarion Swiftrunner, Elder of the Claw and Morwena Nightfall, Druidess of the Antler.

3-12-13 [X]Aseldar