Wanted, Hasheem Al-Fayed


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5-11-13 [X]Hasheem

24-10-13 [X]Jaleyne

Seeking mentor of the Light

Seeking mentor/priest/paladin of the Light, to guide and teach of the virtues and doctrine of the Light.

- Charmaine Aderyn, Blackwind Marine Platoon

21-10-13 [X]Charmaine

First Air Squadron, a unit of pilots will be formed to assist the horde military forces from the air. Recon missions,supply drops or forming an aerial communications bridge between two points are one of the main ways in wich we can and will support other units on their missions,trainings, campaigns or events. The unit will be located in the airstrip hangars at Bilgewater Harbor.

Interested pilots or ground personnel may contact captain Smirky Blunderblast for an interview.

Was signed,


cpt Blunderblast of the 1.AS

15-10-13 [X]Smirky


12-10-13 [X]Exaviel

Guillable humanoid sought for zulian high society dinner party. Contact Witch-Doctor Hana'zu at The Suburb of Madness, Zul'Gurub. Don't mind the name, it's actually a nice area.

  • it's NOT okay to contact this bill poster with services or other commercial interests

9-10-13 [X]Hanazu

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Are you suffering the debilitating effects of plague and illness? If so then have no fear, for Kasperlund munitions has the cure for all that ails you!

We are proud to present the brand new, patended Kasperlund gas and fume mask! For the paltry sum of half a sovereign you too could possess this feat of medical engineering!

Just dip it into the provided solution and wear it over your face. It couldn't be simpler!

Kasperlund Munitions! For all your living needs.

5-10-13 [X]Tratius

Are you a writer?

Do you enjoy taking your fine inks to fine parchment and writing of your travels? Perhaps you try to see the beauty, the comedy, and the tragedy in your own life, and put it elegantly into words for others to marvel, laugh, and cry at? Or perhaps you enjoy to create new characters, to live out a life more exciting than your own as a humble farmhand?

Whatever the case, I need you!

Head to The Wyvern's Tail for more information!


OOC (Important information):

16-09-13 [X]Atherya

Greetings fellow horde brothers and sisters,

Wolfblade clan is looking for men and women alike, from warriors, hunters, mercenaries... aswell as farmers, scholars, healers, herbalists whatever tickles your fancy...


Find either Shenriku Mor'cu or Adarekah in silvermoon!

((Or drops us a whisper if you can't find us for an ingame interview))

13-09-13 [X]Shenriku

Are you a Freelancer?

Do you enjoy the perks neutrality brings?

Do you seek an easy road to money and glory?

10-09-13 [X]Amae


10-09-13 [X]Laurana



If you are in need of a portrait or painting of what ever you desire, I - Vinchelo Master of Inks, can paint it for you.

As I am a very neutral minded spirit, I do take my brushes and canvas for both Alliance and Horde.

Weapon and killing is not within my skills, but painting is.

Contact me, and we shall talk further.

May you see the beauty in the Sunset.

- Vinchelo


7-09-13 [X]Vinchelo