((If you'd like to come on one of my adventures, let me know. You may bring 3 friends with you, excluding myself. I can't handle more. Yes I do it for free, for the sake of the roleplaying community.))

6-09-13 [X]Laurana

*The following notice is circulated through the seedier circles of Azeroth*

WANTED: Aratheo Dawnblade

The Sin'dorei, Aratheo Dawnblade, is wanted returned to Ratchet alive. The elf is young, roughly one hundred years of age, tainted by their kind's typical fel eyes. Last seen with long ginger-brown hair in clothing of Pandaren make and carrying a flaming sword. Identifiable by the symbol of a phoenix burnt on the back of his neck.

A sum of five hundred gold coins will be paid if he is returned alive and in salvageable condition.

3-09-13 [X]Rustbottom

In my final attempt to try and find a photographer for my up and coming wedding i put up a message on the notice-board in hopes someone will read this and have the solution? Please contact me really-proper soon if you know of/are a photographer! A golden-coin payment is at offer.

( send me a ingame/ AA mail service message for details )

1-09-13 [X]Celpha

Are you tired of having to hide in the Shadows?

Do you want more than having to walk you path in darkness and loneliness?

The Shadowflame Institute is looking for a new warlock trainer who is willing to instruct our students and support the order in its goals.

For more questions, please direct a letter to Miss Syr'ana Johnson.

29-08-13 [X]Ysillien

Need a ride?








Sjazzle's Taxi Service will take you anywhere! And we do not mind if it's somewhere in Kalimdor, or even the Eastern Kingdoms. Need a ride in Pandaria? We can fix it! But if you have to head to Northrend, then go take a zeppelin. Aint heading to that cold place.

So any other part of tha world is okay with us!

Take a ride now, and travel safe and you even get a nice view of the world!

You can contact me via letter! or speak to me in one of the rebel camps.

27-08-13 [X]Sjazzle

In Ratchet (well, and theoretically sometimes any ships from Booty Bay headed there!) hangs the odd notice... and another, translated in Orcish

6-08-13 [X]Swifthand

<Dawnwing Collective> is recruiting right now! Feel free to ask for invitation!

30-07-13 [X]Æonis

29-07-13 [X]Shiracka

The following is written neatly in Darnassian:


Hear, Sisters and Brothers of the Kaldorei!

Has your chosen path misguided you into misery or confusion? Are you stuck in a world that did not treat you the way you had hoped it would? Are you finding yourself lost and unsure how to find your way back into the society of the Kaldorei; the socielty of which you belong?

24-07-13 [X]Laurala

'Messages are starting to pop up everywhere - letters of recruitment, inviting everyone to join the Ravenheart'


Contact: Mathaleron, Itafeer, Marcrov

16-07-13 [X]Itafeer is a text version." title="The Steelwater Monthly Market : 21st July" width="550" height="897" />

* The Cities of the Horde are full of these leaflets. Theres one or two in Booty Bay too.*

3-07-13 [X]Iciya

The quiet, unassuming compounds of Murder Row stir little intrigue. Seemingly, they are deserted, attended only by rapscallions, chancing for a look inside. Of late, however, rumours have begun to circulate: that of the exchange of blood or relics for money are the most common among the laypeople; but to Silvermoon's elite, the most scandalous stories of advertised espionage have arisen in hushed tongues.

29-06-13 [X]Rassendyll