29-07-13 [X]Shiracka

The following is written neatly in Darnassian:


Hear, Sisters and Brothers of the Kaldorei!

Has your chosen path misguided you into misery or confusion? Are you stuck in a world that did not treat you the way you had hoped it would? Are you finding yourself lost and unsure how to find your way back into the society of the Kaldorei; the socielty of which you belong?

24-07-13 [X]Laurala

'Messages are starting to pop up everywhere - letters of recruitment, inviting everyone to join the Ravenheart'


Contact: Mathaleron, Itafeer, Marcrov

16-07-13 [X]Itafeer

http://www.argentarchives.org/node/135742 is a text version." title="The Steelwater Monthly Market : 21st July" width="550" height="897" />

* The Cities of the Horde are full of these leaflets. Theres one or two in Booty Bay too.*

3-07-13 [X]Iciya

The quiet, unassuming compounds of Murder Row stir little intrigue. Seemingly, they are deserted, attended only by rapscallions, chancing for a look inside. Of late, however, rumours have begun to circulate: that of the exchange of blood or relics for money are the most common among the laypeople; but to Silvermoon's elite, the most scandalous stories of advertised espionage have arisen in hushed tongues.

29-06-13 [X]Rassendyll


21-06-13 [X]Ealdham

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up, step right up! The Darkmoon Faire has a special offer just for you:

(At the bottom of the poster a leaflet with tearaway strips has been attached.)

1-06-13 [X]Ballyhoo

Th' Flamin' Dagger be lookin' fer more members. Whether ye be a fighter or a trader. We need ye! Meet us in  booty bay or send me some mail. *The paper is signed in a blood red ink  at the bottom, it reads : Iciya Captain of The Flaming Daggers* OOC: < The Flaming Daggers > is a new guild which is about pirates,thiefs and mercanarys ( We also sell the things we steal so count Trading in that list) We are currently looking for officers. IF you are intrested please /w Iciya or visit our AA Page.

29-05-13 [X]Iciya

Come hither come forth to an unusual travelling stall of the Horde! Do not frighten – Aleaze's Wearable Wonders has something for one and all! No matter if you come for new goods or to get your old boots patched together. Even your shield and hog will be shined!


A travelling stall?

16-05-13 [X]Aleaze

Elven Courier looking for work - No matter the distance, or possible danger to self!

Will run for money, and guarantee safe delivery, or see your pay refunded.

Contact - Calithramir Sil'dal

14-05-13 [X]Calithramir



The Cogson's Private Military and Business Company is now looking for the following employees:

-Forsaken, Tauren, Troll, Orc, Pandaren, Sin'Dorei and fellow Goblin mediators and public relations managers.

-Craftsmen of any and all professions that are useful in the fields of military equipment, alchemy, blacksmithing, engineering and resource gathering. Current priorities are an Apothecary, Demolitions Expert, Weapons Expert and Engineers.

13-05-13 [X]Kaorl

An elegant handwritten note hangs on the notice board.

Are you seeking some to retrieve an artefact or relic or in need of protection for expeditions, contact Mirieney Dreamwing in Darnassus or in Moonglade for further information.

10-05-13 [X]Mirieney