Uncle Bedlam wants YOU!

22-02-13 [X]Fyne

Darnassus Pack recruiting!!!

11-02-13 [X]Lonehowl

[This public parchment has been copied several times it seems it was done by a professional printer. The paper is pinned down on the wall with thick iron nails.]

To Dathnur Lethelnor and Luaine Foresight,

As you may have noticed my letter and statement has been placed publically. This is not without reason, because I won’t be heard by the Officers, frankly, it’s the officers that have been the problem.

4-02-13 [X]Hathaldir

Looking fer the Perfect Merc'? Need an Expert in Demolitions, Stealth, Marksmanship or Infiltration? Wether it be  part time, full time or even just a one off Mission, You'l need me. I'l be hangin' around the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar if ya require ma services.


.Raxon The Revolver.


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26-01-13 [X]Raxon

Wanted: Competent alchemist to ride out into into The Barrens with and assist in the cooking of goods in secret mobile laboratory. Transmutation mastery preferred.

Must bring own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.

15-01-13 [X]Hanazu

The Warchief's Kor'kron Guard has branded the former champion of the Moklohn Command, Gorruth Bloodsong, a traitor to the Horde, and is wanted alive.

Several great warriors in service of our glorious Warchief have lost their lives to this disgrace, and a bounty has been placed on him, which consists of...

100 Gold Coins.

The one to bring him to Orgrimmar's High Command will receive the reward, and Gorruth Bloodsong will be executed in puplic. Let the words of our Warchief encourage the Horde to help discipline our almighty people!

13-01-13 [X]Gorruth
14-12-12 [X]Phaendor


The former Grunt Captain of the Doomhammer's Wrath Grunt section of the Fourteenth Legion, is wanted for acts of treason against the Horde.

The traitor was last seen moving north after arriving in Booty Bay.

Kash'gor is wanted alive and is to be handed over to nearest Horde forces.

The Fourteenth Legion will pay a reasonable sum of gold to his captors.


- Legionnaire Garzok of the Fourteenth Legion of Hellscream's Vanguard.

5-12-12 [X]Garzok

* The notice seems to have traveled far or perhaps it is just this copy of it, It seemed to be stained with a mixture of what seems to be tears and blood*

I do not know how much longer I can hold out hope or even hold out at all. It has been near six weeks since I made the mistake of bringing her out here, It is all my fault and even if I die trying, I have to fix this.

So I beg of you please please help us, I know we Horde have caused nothing but trouble  for Pandaria and it's people, countless blood shed , endless hopes smashed and lives ruined.

1-12-12 [X]Zuelin

We have been stuck in Pandaria for over a week now after traveling out here with the military group we serve only to be left behind when they neglected to aid us rescue one of our alliy taken by The Sha a month earlier.

I have been searching across Pandaria for any Warriors, healers and shado-pan to aid our cause, I am unsure how much longer  us two can last before we fall aswell to our own inner demons.

27-11-12 [X]Zuelin

Today I am Sad to report that Lord Kargoth Grun'ash Sunwhisper lost his lifr at the hands of a foul Assassin.

His grave now stands at Fairebreeze,




(was time for a new story, with a new hero,)

24-11-12 [X]Fiercedeity

Legion of the Damned

Are you tired of seeing pathetic weaklings rule over this world? Can your dark heart bear this injustice no longer? Are you one of those strong enough to stand with the chosen as we remake this world, free from the weakness of the Alliance, the Horde and the Scourge alike? The Legion of Chaos seeks you...

21-11-12 [X]Ashiraya