To all Worgen


The elves aided us when we needed it, its time we return the favor. Come and join the Darnassus pack!!



5-08-12 [X]Lonehowl


18-07-12 [X]Xiera

ScourgeA faint whisper floats by on the wind. Its freezingly cold and hallow presence shivers down your very spine and has your senses focused.

You are able to make out the faint, low words:

11-07-12 [X]Silendris

The Silver Gauntlet is a Elite force,
Who seek to destroy the evil that threaten our world.

We work togheter, combining our talents, and our strenghts.
Cooperating with other forces, all to make this a better world.

If you got what it takes, or have an offer which you think we can't resist, contact us!

The Silver Gauntlet reside in Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands.
For Tirion and for the Light!

9-07-12 [X]Neewy

Kal'Dorei Hired Blade looking for work. Have experience in Contract Killing, Assassination and Bounty Hunting. Horde targets preferred but will take Alliance targets if price is right. Contact "Amethyst" in Booty Bay.

9-07-12 [X]Dragmar
8-07-12 [X]Sungrace

Hearthglen Faire

Every other month, traders, travellers, soldiers, and craftsmen of the north gather in the garrison city of Hearthglen to trade, gossip, and barter under the watchful and caring eye of the Argent Crusade. Horde or Alliance, dead or alive, today we all meet as friends.

3-07-12 [X]Koriandr

Lok'tar Ogar, warriors of the Horde!

The Moklohn Command seek proud new warriors to fill their ranks. Do you have the strength to defend your Horde and bring death to the Alliance? If you believe so, seek out the Moklohn Command in Orgrimmar and state your interest in war!


Warlord Braillor Spirithorn, Champion Mahara Stonehand, General Gorkosh, Champion Ikata Stormcloud, Legionnaire Naltokt Rushhoof of the Moklohn Command


30-06-12 [X]Braillor

Throm-ka, warriors of the Horde, do yo have what it takes to be one of the elites? one of the iron fist of the Horde and its Warcheif? We're looking for warriors who are fit enough to join our cause, seek out Warseer Stormfury if you can push yourself to the limits.


Warseer Razkul Stormfury; of the Kor'kron Offensive.

22-06-12 [X]Razkul

During the evening of the 18th day of the month, a ship set sail from Ratchet to reach Booty Bay! Though it never arrived! Aboard was a nomadic groud known as The Tawaporah Taisha and they may have been captured or drowned. If anyone saw pirates or mercenaries take over the ship or even saw a shipwreck, please let Baron Revilgaz know a.s.a.p.!
We do appreciate your coöperation!

Fleet Master Seahorn.

19-06-12 [X]Brall

Sunstorm Regiment propaganda

A poster placed on several walls in all districts within Silvermoon, indicating the rise of a new, blood-elven company: The Sunstorm Regiment.

17-06-12 [X]

I am looking for crew. If you feel like you have what it takes to live on sea and hunt for treasures and riches, seek a goblin who dresses in red and wields an iron fist. These are traits I most want to see:


  • Fighters
  • Navigator
  • Carpenter
  • Cook
  • Doctors / Menders
If you are interested, you might want to start your search from Booty Bay.
-With Greedy Regards: Captain Redhat of The Red Sun.


15-06-12 [X]Archim