Lok'tar Ogar, warriors of the Horde!

The Moklohn Command seek proud new warriors to fill their ranks. Do you have the strength to defend your Horde and bring death to the Alliance? If you believe so, seek out the Moklohn Command in Orgrimmar and state your interest in war!


Warlord Braillor Spirithorn, Champion Mahara Stonehand, General Gorkosh, Champion Ikata Stormcloud, Legionnaire Naltokt Rushhoof of the Moklohn Command


30-06-12 [X]Braillor

Throm-ka, warriors of the Horde, do yo have what it takes to be one of the elites? one of the iron fist of the Horde and its Warcheif? We're looking for warriors who are fit enough to join our cause, seek out Warseer Stormfury if you can push yourself to the limits.


Warseer Razkul Stormfury; of the Kor'kron Offensive.

22-06-12 [X]Razkul

During the evening of the 18th day of the month, a ship set sail from Ratchet to reach Booty Bay! Though it never arrived! Aboard was a nomadic groud known as The Tawaporah Taisha and they may have been captured or drowned. If anyone saw pirates or mercenaries take over the ship or even saw a shipwreck, please let Baron Revilgaz know a.s.a.p.!
We do appreciate your coöperation!

Fleet Master Seahorn.

19-06-12 [X]Brall

Sunstorm Regiment propaganda

A poster placed on several walls in all districts within Silvermoon, indicating the rise of a new, blood-elven company: The Sunstorm Regiment.

17-06-12 [X]

I am looking for crew. If you feel like you have what it takes to live on sea and hunt for treasures and riches, seek a goblin who dresses in red and wields an iron fist. These are traits I most want to see:


  • Fighters
  • Navigator
  • Carpenter
  • Cook
  • Doctors / Menders
If you are interested, you might want to start your search from Booty Bay.
-With Greedy Regards: Captain Redhat of The Red Sun.


15-06-12 [X]Archim

The Magisters Council.


After years of beeing away the magisters council has returned home and is back on recruiting young students, instructors, warlocks, blood mages and guardians.

We strife for the restoration of our beloved home of Quel'Danas and Quel'Thalas.

Politic's, military and alliances are to be made.

Seek me or one of my men out within the city of silvermoon.

My reguards,

Lady Mystic 'Mistique' Bloodoath Le'Fay.

5-06-12 [X]Faríha

Thorush, an Orc Death Knight is wanted for the attempted murder of Pack Leader Trhag Ragehoof.  The pack leader of the Warband of the Wolf was found laying aside the barracks surrounded by his own blood, a Mok'lohn recruit luckily healed him before we lost this great warrior.

Whoever finds Thorush and brings his head or the Death knight alive and in chains to the Warlord of the Mok'lohn Braillor Spirithorn, Pack Leader Trhag Ragehoof, or Grumthar Maimfist will receive the honour of avenging the pack leader, and a hefty sum of four hundred gold.

4-06-12 [X]Braillor

In a long void of nothingness, a small fissure appears. And as I slowy drift towards it, I can see a place I know, The bench I like to sit at in Cathedral Square! As I try and try to reach it, and I slowly get drawn into it, and strange tingling sensation grips me. To my dispare, the fissure slowy folds in on itself, and as I slowly drift around it, A scream and shout, trying to go thought. But it is know use. I slowly continue to drift thought the Darkness

4-06-12 [X]Clich

A.S.D brand Cigarettes.

only five Silver for twenty!

1-06-12 [X]Azúmi

The house of Phoenix is Looking for more members,

we are looking for those who would fit our three divisions.

Diplomacy: Diplomats, Amabassadors, Advisors are needed in every House to help both the Economy and the Millitary  where are we needed what are we to do? the House Lord is mostly looked at for these decisions but even he has his hands full at sometimes and would require the help of the Diplomatic forces.

31-05-12 [X]Fiercedeity

Bragx's Ad

29-05-12 [X]Linwood


Lok'tar Ogar! Sons and Daughters of the Horde!

The Kor'kron have returned from their leave of absense and are now on the recruit for fresh meat to join their ranks! for more warriors who wish to become the elites of the Horde! the fist of the Warchief!

Warseer Razkul Stormfury can be found in Orgrimmar most of the time, still on the look out for any fresh warriors who may have the strength and courage to venture were no mere Warband would go.

25-05-12 [X]Razkul