Sons and Daughters of the Alliance, The Trade League is Looking for you.

Were you never teached in Combat but always wanted to join the Efforts of War and battle, Are you able to Follow orders And Work for the Trade League, Are you strong enough to make sure the Supply are loaded and Unloaded,  Do you think you have it in you to travel across Azeroth, By Sea or by Land? Appy Today

We need:


11-06-14 [X]Pruces

Sons and daughters of Stormwind, the Order of the Steel Gauntlet seeks manpower for their coming campaigns. With threats to the kingdom still at large, and evil running rampant throughout Azeroth, it is our duty to safeguard the realm and strike out into the heartland of our enemies.

KNIGHTS of any realm loyal to the Grand Alliance. Men and women who have served faithfully to date, with the experience and traits required to serve valorously against the many threats we shall face.

11-06-14 [X]Daleryn

9-06-14 [X]Vlakor


((OOC: This is a recruitment notice for a group, NOT a guild. I'm looking to build a network of contacts who work with me for the Stormwind Assassins []. Contact Lamorra via ingame mail to be part of this. This is for rogues only...fine! Hunters too, but no pets during missions or mission briefings.))

6-06-14 [X]Lamorra

The Fairforge Caravan will be leaving Stormwind tomorrow ((Saturday June 7th)) at noon. If you need to book passage or if you need to have anything transported to Booty Bay, please contact Nora Fairforge.

6-06-14 [X]Fairforge

To the illustrious dame Elisabeth Harrow,


You fairest maiden, daughter of the Empire and companion of the stalwart: greetings!

5-06-14 [X]Ithric

Competent, experienced and dedicated fighter seeks a knight to squire for, preferably someone with connections so that knighthood, if my performance is up to the task, is a prospect. Location and specific house/order allegiances irrelevant.


Responses can be left here, or at the Pig n' Whistle.



Elisabeth Harrow

4-06-14 [X]Elzie

To all citizens of the Alliance,

I am currently investigating the case upon the Citizen Congress. I am seeking neutral witnesses that have seen or heard of anything suspicious about the Congress, Collective Budget, Clarianna Redbridge and Hrothgárr Stonemug.

What I am looking for is information regarding possible corruption inside the Congress, possible false uses of the Collective Budget and possible scams made by either Clarianna Redbridge or Hrothgárr Stonemug.

2-06-14 [X]Naxxarakh

((Good quality parchment notices dot along various walls in the great city of Stormwind: Each one has the House Mirenda wax seal pressed upon the bottom right hand corner.))

"The world remains a selfish place with a hard shell; House of Mirenda aims to change that and crack through the layers to reach the core of those in need." - Countess Zahnra Mirenda


Join House of Mirenda today to take your place in the ranks of the upstanding!


Future aims for the establishment will include the following:

31-05-14 [X]Zahnra

A two-headed eagle in a black fond can be found on this poster. Huge letters form the word:


Blackbird Company is looking for mercenaries to fight, heal, aid with utilities, mages, archers, swordsmen, shields, spears, gnome engineers that want to test their devices on real enemies - all races, proffesions and colours to FIGHT under Captain Darkera, adventure and explore the vast world.

30-05-14 [X]Cidius

People of the Alliance.

My name is Maximus Nathaniel Emson. I am what you would call a halfing, born of two worlds with the values of trials of both. To be precise, I am Half Elf. As I write this letter, I am sitting in some no-mans land bar with a hood over my face, the torn and bloodsoaked crest of Lordaeron hanging from my chest.

29-05-14 [X]Emson

" Late Friday afternoon, a dead man was found in Olivia's pond, of the Stormwind Outskirts. if he was dumped there, or followed the stream there is unknown. The man was identified as Butler Edward Cliffe of the Bhargof Court. Cause of death: An impaled throat, by a razorsharp, but thin poker of Felsteel.

So far there are no leads to his murder, and the Court is offering One gold and fourty silver to whoever has information that ends up leading to the arrest of his Murderer"

Update Nr1:

25-05-14 [X]Vlakor