For Lordaeron

True sons and daughters of Lordaeron

We paid the ultimate price to liberate our homeland from tyranny and opresson and broke free from slavery. We, who stayed to fight, reclaimed our birthright.

We build the tomb that holds the last king of Lordaeron.

We who were betrayed by those we had once called brothers and sisters in arms.

30-05-14 [X]Akru
A group has been created to connect and strengthen all races of the new Horde, guild and warbands alike by planning social and tournament events. If you would like to join or get involved, please send word to Kiaka at the Wyvern's tail in Orgrimmar.
All races welcome to join.

27-03-14 [X]Kiaka

The Alliance steals our supplies, our cities lie in ruin and dreadful campaigns lurk on the horizon.

Answer the call to arms by seeking out the Norrok'mar Bulwark in Orgrimmar's Valley of Honor! We will fight the enemies of the Horde side by side, and together - we will make our Warchief proud! Our people proud!

The Horde WILL stand tall once again! Lok'tar ogar!

- Gorruth Mar'kallor, Champion of the Norrok'mar Bulwark.

27-03-14 [X]Gorruth

*Posters are pined on noticeboards across the land of Lordaeron and Quel’thalas*

24-02-14 [X]Corwall

Free for collection: This is your chance to pick up an antique dining set made by the artisans of Zul'Gurub for absolutely nothing. Each piece of the set has been lovingly painted with hunting and water-farm scenes.

Circumstances in my life have deemed that it is no longer practical for me to hold onto this rare dishware and so I'm passing them on to a new home.


  • 4x Dinner plate 26.6cm diameter
  • 4x Side plate 21.8cm diameter
  • 3x Drinking mazer 12.5cm diameter
  • Stoneware
  • Haunted
  • Good condition
12-02-14 [X]Hanazu

*A few scruffy posters are seen about Silvermoon City as well as within the depths of the Undercity*

Seeking Collector of Magical Artifacts / Exotic/Magical Jeweller, contact Deathstalker Beldorn in Brill.



OOC (Send me In-game mail, or a PM marked "(IC)" if you wish to contact me)

4-02-14 [X]Sastor

30-12-13 [X]Erindielle

[Nailed upon several Notice Boards across Horde Cities and Encampments.]

OC Info: Contact Korbane and/or Fist of Hammerfall for more information

28-11-13 [X]Korbane

Hand of Agony

No knowledge, no power. The Royal Apothecary's own Hand of Agony is constantly looking for new strong recruits to serve alongside the Forsaken's mightiest heroes and solders.

19-11-13 [X]Akru

I, Krezag Doomfist, beseech my fellow shamans, seers and druids to heed the call of the spirits as I did.

For too long now, the Horde has been drifting away from our ancestors guidance and the counsel of the elements, and further towards the warlust of the tyrant Grommash Hellscream.

If you too, feel that the Horde needs the guidance of our seers and mystics, now more than ever, find me at the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff.

Krezag Doomfist.



29-08-13 [X]Krezag

Need a ride?








Sjazzle's Taxi Service will take you anywhere! And we do not mind if it's somewhere in Kalimdor, or even the Eastern Kingdoms. Need a ride in Pandaria? We can fix it! But if you have to head to Northrend, then go take a zeppelin. Aint heading to that cold place.

So any other part of tha world is okay with us!

Take a ride now, and travel safe and you even get a nice view of the world!

You can contact me via letter! or speak to me in one of the rebel camps.

27-08-13 [X]Sjazzle

Hello all! We are currently looking for artists here at the Archives that are willing to volunteer in a donation drive for the newspaper.

As of late our finances have been dwindling, and in order to keep the contests and the cashflow running smoothly, we are asking for friendly and talented people like you to donate your time and resources for a cause!

Contact: Saerynn

19-07-13 [X]Saerynn