Star Stone Siezed


A perilous expedition to the far north leads to blood in the snow, as forces clash over the reported "sky stone."  Surviving witnesses speak to the Argent Post.

Pirates threaten Northwatch Hold


Unrelated to the happenings in Outland, Kalimdor once more finds its lands engulfed in war - only now it being a new threat: pirates and marines.

Who will be the next Warchief?


An end to a glorious reign! Banners fly high in Orgrimmar, as the crowd places their bets.  An April Fools article from the Argent Post.

Growing displeasure amongst the citizenry


Westfall lies in ruins, people flee to or from the city, scared of invasions, or scared of nobles taking all their belongings. Where most used to only whisper about their displeasure, more and more have started to speak freely, wondering aloud if the nobles have actually done something to earn the taxes they claim ... 

Alliance delivers battle in Borderlands


Alliance units from all over the world have come together to clash for conquest of the Borderlands. This report in pictures and interviews gives their perspective on the bloody war, from the Siege of Hammerfall to the struggle in Hinterlands, and from the conquest of Dun Garok to the daring Operation Stormbolt in Silverpine Forest.

Marching home for more war


As Winter veil fades into memories, and Deathwing’s terror has come to an end, the armies of the Alliance and Horde once again turn to one another, is it only a matter of time before we are on full scale war again? In this interview with some of the Horde ranks you will find your answers.

Eleventh Regiment protects the Keep and its Court from rioters


On the 24th of September. A large gathering of men and women began a riot at the Keep, accusing the Kings court of corruption and greed. Read about how the Eleventh Regiment remained loyal to the King and prevented a full sacking of the keep. Plus; an exclusive interview with General Hrothgárr Stonemug.

Light in the darkness


These are troubled times.  And yet, in these dark hours, the Argent Crusade calls once more for our heroes to take up lance and sword to fight, not the enemy, but each other.  What is the price of honour?  Some cry that this tournament is madness.

Taurajo in flames!


Horror in the Barrens! Camp Taurajo, long a hunting and trading outpost of the Tauren, has been destroyed by Alliance forces. Totems burn, huge bolts from Humans' ballista jut from the side of buildings and fires consume what has not been destroyed. Corpses litter the land, those who were unprepared for the devastating attack.

With the Alliance having taken a bite into Kalimdor, Boozle now seeks opinions from Thunder Bluff on the destruction of the camp, and on just how the Horde should respond.

Moklohn and Hellscream unites!


The Moklohn Command and the Axe of Hellscream have allied themselves against their common enemies. Inhabitants of Ashenvale and others should take heed. "I don't think there ever was a chance of resolving (the Ashenvale conflict) peacefully", spokesman of the Moklohn Command tells Argent Post.

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