Guild Spotlight! Spotlight Two: Baradin Wardens


A look into the Baradin Wardens! Who are they and why should you join them? There's only one way to find out - read the article!

Guild Spotlight! Spotlight One: The Cenarion Guardians

Cenarion guardians spotlight1small.jpg

Up until recently the name of the Cenarion Guardians was only mentioned in a whisper, with shifty eyes and circumspect words. They were violent fanatics with dangerous ties to the disgraced Archdruid Fandral Staghelm, and nobody trusted them. But now they're back - public, active, and no less violent - so what changed? Who are the Cenarion Guardians? Are they a force for good, or utterly crazy nutters? Our crack reporter asks just that!

Baffling explosion from the cosmos strikes the Storm Peaks


On the morning of the fourth day of the second month of the year, a flaming meteorite lit up the starless skies. It was first sighted over the Vale of Stranglethorn and is said to have travelled as far as the Storm Peaks of Northrend.

Newsflash: Peace Treaty Signed


After an extended period of strife, the Argent Post presents a list of names that have bound themselves to work towards peace and prosperity. Images and text courtesy of Snap News.

Arathi Skirmishes - A Worrying Precedent?


For the past week, roving battles have taken place on the rolling plains of Arathi. An unexpected assault from Forsaken forces has led to a bitter trade of blows, the thinly spread Arathorians coming under siege at Strom itself for several days during the course of which the walls and gates changed hands several times. Does this kind of low-level conflict set a worrying precedent for civilians on both sides living in far-flung regions?

Rebellion causes recession


With the current conflict within the Horde stocks on various Horde goods are plummeting drastically. A lot of the bigger Goblin investors are afraid of investing their money into either side of the war, as the outcome is still not certain.

Martial Law tears the Horde apart!


That the Horde is undergoing some major changes lately, is no news in its own. However! The motivations and different points of views behind it all is! Follow us in a journey through the Martial Law in Orgrimmar out into the open Barren's desert and read all about what some think ... And some don't!

Bane of the Legion


Last sunday several of the Orders of the Light gathered in Hearthglen, home of the Argent Crusade. The purpose of this gathering: Decide on the forming of a unified front against the Burning Legion forces. Read all about it in this short article. 

Heroic Footmen Give Lives in Defense of Homeland


On the 6th of January there were reports of Horde Sightings in the Redridge Mountains. The Alliance forces under King Varian Wrynn's command were send to the obstacle to see what exactly was going on, then was found out that this wasn't just a sighting, this was an actual war.

Breathtaking departure meets dangerous tides for elven battalion


After what could be called one of the most extravagent elven galas in recent years, the city of Silvermoon received word that the warhost unit known as the Bloodied Talons were lost at sea in the ongoing war against the Alliance forces in their pilgrimmage to the new lands beyond the mist.

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