Event: Scarecrows Night

They say the Scarecrow’s Night is like a slightly burnt cookie - ugly, dark and questionable from the outside, but soft and warm from the inside...

Event: Jurin'atore, the Great Hunt

The depths of summer. The land is fertile and rich and everywhere bursts with the green of plants and the hum of insects. Almost everywhere...
Members of the Alliance are invited to join the Silvereye in their great hunting event.

The Conclave of Quel'thalas: Hard Feelings


The Conclave of Quel'thalas, described as "an important, defining series of moments" by its Herald. While important, difficult decisions are made, this yearly political event seems to mostly be sailing on a sea of rumours, gossip and feuds!

Twilight Falls Again


A month ago, Booty Bay was abuzz with speculation about an "expedition" heading north to the Dark Portal.  Rumour abounded that wealthy patrons were founding an effort to search Outland for clues to the "star stone," claims about which were on every tongue.  In truth, the expedition was abut something far more sinister!

Fat Father Winter back to jail


Friday the 20th of the last month of the year: Fat Father Winter is temporarily released from jail by the Stormwind City Watch, after last year's conviction for manslaughter, to bring joy and laughter to the streets of Stormwind. Many people came to sit on his lap to receive their present, proving once more that Stormwind's inhabitants are fearless.

Jade Fever cure found!


The sickness, which came to be known as the "jadefever", has claimed the lives of many caught within its grasp, and many more are still sick. Until now, healers and medical experts have been baffled by its persistance and demoralized by their own helplessness. But now, a cure has been found! 

Urgent notice: sickness spreads


For the time being, there is no cure, but present healing methods and some medicines have shown some effect at reducing the severity of symptoms. Ultimately, the best way to fight the illness, as with all others, is not to get ill. Keep clean, wash your hands frequently and beware of public spaces where traces of the illness may be present.

Fakelwind Farce - Festive or Fishy?

Fakelwind Farce 2.jpg

On the 20th of the ninth month at the 8th bell precisely, the "Fakelwind Farce" opened their doors and arms to the general public, welcoming them to a night of fun and ... suspicious activity? They greeted the public with their toothless smile and devious eyes.

Fablewind Faire's Brewfest Brewhaha!


Every week, The Fablewind Faire gives it their all in a free variety show with a fabulous line up of open air performances - singers, dancers, comedians, acrobats, magicians and more. Every week a different set list and new scripted shows! Every week, free food and drink! This week, Brewfest Brewhaha!

Alliance Forces in the North bite the dust

Small version.png

A large force of Alliance soldiers gathered inside Stromgarde keep and set their eyes on gaining a foothold in Lordaeron to prepare a fullscale invasion. The years of bickering between the Forsaken forced lead them to believe that the Forsaken was broken and unable to withstand a united alliance. They would soon find out how wrong they were..

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